Bluehelix Introduced BHEX Broker White-Label Solutions to Enable Partners to Establish a Broker Business at Zero Cost

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Bluehelix is the leading DeFi Services & Tech Provider and is dedicated to providing world-class professional financial trading and assets management services. Bluehelix has businesses of BHEX ExchangeBluehelix Cloud, and Bluehelix Chain. The in-house developed Bluehelix decentralized blockchain-based assets custody and clearing system serves more than 140 BlueHelix Cloud Partners with 5 million end-users with custody of more than 6 billion USD worth of assets.

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A new era of zero cost start-up for the crypto exchange business!


On February 20, in view of the market changes and competition, Bluehelix announced the launch of BHEX Broker white-label solutions developed based on Bluehelix Cloud infrastructure and to support a full range of trading products such as crypto-to-crypto trading, over-the-counter services (OTC) and Perpetual Swap trading on BHEX. With the BHEX Broker white-label solution, Bluehelix can now provide new start-ups and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technological advantages to enable them to kick-start their businesses and compete in the current competitive crypto market.

Existing partners of Bluehelix Cloud can also establish a zero cost broker business with broker white-label solution.

Partners who pledged 500,000 $BHT(BHEX Token) will get to use the BHEX Broker white-label solution. Bluehelix will unlock once partner trading fee-sharing hit the value of 500,000 BHT tokens.

Eligible Partners can then set up independent domain names, brand logos and promote themselves as a BHEX Broker with Bluehelix consensus. In addition, partners with outstanding performance can be upgraded to a full-suite independent exchange with the basic fees waived.


 Bluehelix is headquartered in Singapore and Bluehelix Cloud is it’s the main product. Currently serving more than 140 Bluehelix Cloud Partners and 5 million end-users with custody of more than 6 billion USD worth of assets globally. Bluehelix has attracted large capital fundings in addition to the joint investments from the two top exchanges, Huobi Global and OKEX. Bluehelix has also received investments from Yintai Group, CITY Holdings, Plum Ventures, Node Capital, Genesis Capital, and 56 other well-known institutional investors.

James Ju, the founder of Bluehelix with extensive experience in various fields such as financial transactions, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies. James is former CTO of Huobi Global from 2014 to 2017 and was Vice President of listed company X Financial.

Bluehelix Cloud is the master of James’s many years of experience in the technology and financial fields. Based on the rich experience accumulated before the construction of Huobi trading system, Bluehelix cloud products can be described as “standing on the shoulders of giants”, and many products reach the industry’s top level.

Trading system performance-wise, Bluehelix Cloud which was developed using Kubernetes’ highly scalable infrastructure, guarantees that the processing capacity of the system by 10 times in 10 minutes. Bluehelix Cloud is designed to expand local brokerage businesses by delivering a capacity of up to 2.4 million transactions per second on a single trading pair and adding unlimited shards with the individual performance of 30,000 per second. It also achieves low latency by offering instant order-to-transact and market pushes in less than 5 milliseconds. Bluehelix guarantees up to 99.99% availability and emulation of the top internet financial trading system.

In terms of financial derivative products, Bluehelix Cloud’s perpetual contract swap white-label service attained the “one-click contracts” functionality. Partners can freely choose from the perpetual contract with USDT margin swap or Coin margin Swap or create their own underlying assets, and also innovative financial products that have not yet been released to the market with product customization. In addition, Bluehelix equips partners with high-frequency trading needs with unlimited API access to the system.

Bluehelix Cloud Exchange System adopted a two-layer order liquidity sharing mechanism which means that different exchanges can be locally matched first, and the unmatchable ones will be sent to other exchanges within the Bluehelix umbrella for liquidity sharing. This gives the exchange a strong depth and liquidity sharing advantage before it goes online. This advantage determines the survivability of a cryptocurrency exchange in the market. The basis to accurately determine whether a new exchange can survive or not is its depth and liquidity of trading in cryptocurrencies. We are able to solve this problem through “Liquidity Sharing + Aggregation”, thus enabling BHEX Exchange and our Cloud partners to accelerate their business start-ups.

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Bluehelix Chain
Bluehelix Chain is decentralized digital asset custody and clearing technology. Based on blockchain technology and community consensus, it uses cryptography and blockchain technology to support decentralized governance capabilities at the technical level. Bluehelix is based on decentralized key management. Combining various cryptography tools including ECDSA, commitment, zero-knowledge proof, and multi-party computation, we implement the distributed private key generation and signature for cross-chain assets among all validators. On top of that, we build light-weight and non-intrusive cross-chain asset custody. On the clearing layer, Bluehelix employes BHPOS consensus and horizontal sharding mechanisms to achieve high-performing transaction clearing.

BHEX Exchange
BHEX Exchange is the Leading Tech-Driven Cryptocurrency Trading Platform. BHEX can maintain the high performance of millions of transactions concurrently after achieving the security and credibility of decentralization. Bluehelix adopts the model of super-node and global custody and liquidation Blockchain technical framework and has the traditional financial level of business, technology and compliance capabilities. Users’ assets are managed entirely through decentralized Blockchain technology, providing transparent services for crypto assets to individuals and institutions.

BHEX Token(BHT)introduction

BHT is the token issued by the Bluehelix trading platform ecosystem, which carries the core values of the Bluehelix ecosystem, including the Bluehelix trading platform, Bluehelix Cloud, and the decentralized custody and clearing Bluehelix Chain supported by patented Bluehelix blockchain infrastructure technology.

Bluehelix will use 80% of its profit from BHEX Exchange, Bluehelix Cloud, Bluehelix Chain to buyback-to-burn BHT quarterly until its total issuance of 1.05billion.

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