Future Blockchain Summit to launch game-changing Blockchain training platform

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  • The world is “crying out for” skilled Blockchain developers, according to Summit organisers Dubai World Trade Centre

  • GENESIS will be MENA’s first multi-protocol certified training programme 

  • GENESIS set to arm businesses with crucial Blockchain expertise

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18th February, Dubai is set to launch the Middle East’s first ever bespoke learning course for Blockchain developers which will equip them with the skills to take full advantage of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology trend. 

GENESIS is set to be the Middle East and North Africa region’s first ever multi-protocol certified learning and development training programme designed for developers and project team members. 

GENESIS will make its international debut at the third edition of the Future Blockchain Summit, the world’s largest Blockchain festival, organised by Dubai World Trade Centre and hosted by Smart Dubai, which will be hosted on 7th-8th April 2020. 

Although Blockchain is already disrupting businesses across the world through its ability to increase trust, transparency and transaction speed, there is still a significant knowledge and skills gap around a whole host of daunting technical and policy-based challenges concerning the distributed ledger technology. 

GENESIS seeks to bridge that gap by delivering the first programme in the world that teaches Hyperledger, Ethereum and Corda side by side. GENESIS will make its mark on the international Blockchain stage at the Future Blockchain Summit’s The Campus, where it will certify over 125 new developers who will be ready to disrupt the status quo through their expertise.

GENESIS will provide a critical link between Blockchain experts and business leaders, by delivering skilled, on-site developers who will provide businesses with the resources they need to lead new product development from the front line.

Four GENESIS courses are designed for developers and software engineers who have previous experience in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Linux and Git. The fifth course, Blockchain Architecture, has been created for non-technical project team and senior management members.

Hiring external consultants is expensive during development and maintenance cycles. Bringing this in-house reduces costs in the long-term and allows businesses to plan developments with a longer time-frame in mind. 

“Our commitment to the continued development of the Blockchain sector in the region and across the world made the creation of GENESIS the logical next step for the Future Blockchain Summit,” Nisha Ramisetty, Director, Conference, Future Blockchain Summit, said. “The industry is crying out for more developers so that the promise of Blockchain can be fully realised. GENESIS will play a crucial part in that delivering that goal.” 

The 2019 edition of the Future Blockchain Summit hosted over 8,000 attendees from 132 countries, pooling together technology visionaries, government bodies, the world’s biggest brands and industry first-movers who pushed the Blockchain conversation beyond theoretical use-cases into real-life opportunities. 

The Future Blockchain Summit has already established itself as the perfect meeting ground for startups, enterprises and governments, education institutions and individuals and is the largest annual buying and innovation ground for the full global Blockchain ecosystem. The Future Blockchain Summit forms a crucial pillar of the Dubai and United Arab Emirates Blockchain strategies, which were established to help the UAE progress with full scale Blockchain adoption. 

“As the world becomes increasingly open and connected, the need for Blockchain skills is absolutely paramount. Organisations that are able to gain a first-mover advantage with Blockchain will be opening themselves to a world of possibilities that will leave their competitors in their wake. The world is still waking up to the potential impact of Blockchain, but it will soon transform every industry. Those who have the skills needed to capitalise on Blockchain are certain to reap the rewards in the near future,” said Kris Bennett, Chief Learning Officer of global Blockchain training and certification specialist Blockchain Training Alliance, official Learning Partner of the Future Blockchain Summit. 

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