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Blue Helix is special. Not only do we run our own exchange, but we also utilize the power of Blue Helix technology and allow our business partners to set up a cryptocurrency trading platform themselves. This is made available through the Blue Helix Open Platform (BHOP).
As we know, cryptocurrencies are seemingly making a return as Bitcoin surged to $8400. Many fundamentally positive news about cryptocurrencies have been circulating the market for a while now. Thus, companies who are seeking to capitalize on the popularity of cryptocurrencies can setup a cryptocurrency trading platform through BHOP.

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What is BHOP, and why should our partners use it?

BHOP uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to enable our partners to setup and develop their own fully customizable trading platform (exchange + broker) without the hassle of starting from the ground. We know from experience that software development, procurement, operation and maintenance management costs are expensive things to consider when building an exchange platform.

A quick google search shows that setting up a cryptocurrency exchange can range between five to six digits figure, which can be a costly barrier to entry for companies interested to set up their own exchange.

With BHOP, we can eliminate the setup cost and provide you with an out-of-the-box solution. This enables our partners to focus on the crucial things like business development and marketing of the exchange, which can also cost a large sum of money.


BHOP platform features

1.Bluehelix Asset Custody and Clearing Technology
Distributed digital asset custody and settlement technology through the consensus mechanism of transaction data upload, hot and cold wallet separation, multi-signature and member node clearing to achieve the goal of asset security and transaction credibility, making the platform efficient, transparent and secure.

2.System Security
The team has the industry’s top security experts participate in the security protection design and work with external security companies to enhance network security protection; through Bluehelix’s decentralized hosting and clearing capabilities, the platform can effectively solve digital asset security issues.

3.High Performance
Combined with the specially designed distributed transaction processing technology, the platform solves the problem of real-time transaction and consistency in the distributed environment brought by physical fragmentation. Even if some node fails, it will have no effect on the system operation. It lays a good foundation for serving a massive user base.

4.Open Platform
Provide customized solutions and open-source for key partners, allowing partners to customize and develop product functions according to their own business needs. This will allow them to gain their own unique competitiveness and co-operate with partners to cover the global market.

5.Diversified Liquidity
Partners can not only share liquidity, but also access the depth of many well-known exchanges, quickly combine orders, and ensure that partners have sufficient depth and liquidity.

6.Independent User System
Partners have their own brands, users, and flow. BHOP does not convert our partner’s users into our own users. This allows our partners to focus on developing their own users and brands.

Innovation Advantage

1.Decentralized asset custody and clearing technology

2.Ensures a transparent, efficient and secure system

3.Runs by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), brand owned by all participants

4.Liquidity sharing, market depth sharing

5.Covers global markets with local partners

6.Bespoke solutions down to the source code layer

7.Allowing partners to focus on branding and marketing



The Investors



To conclude, BHOP is an excellent platform for potential partners and new players in the cryptocurrency industry to leverage on the Bluehelix technology to setup their cryptocurrency trading platform. It is cost-efficient, which allows our partners to focus on other important aspects to promote their business.

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About Blue Helix
Blue Helix is founded by James Ju, a successful serial entrepreneur — he was the CTO of Huobi Global in the year 2014–2017, and Vice President of X-Financial (NYSE listed Company) thereafter. He founded Blue Helix in early 2018 and it has completed $15 million USD in its angel round financing and have received investment from a total of 56 institutional investors including top exchanges like Huobi and OKex. Blue Helix is an innovative crypto assets financial services provider. The in-house developed Bluehelix decentralized blockchain-based assets custody and clearing system is dedicated to providing world-class professional financial trading and assets management services to worldwide users. It has its self-managed Blue Helix Exchange ( and Open SaaS Platforms for institutional partners (BHOP).

About Bluehelix Chain
Bluehelix is a decentralized digital asset custody and clearing technology. Based on blockchain technology and community consensus, it uses cryptography and blockchain technology to support decentralized governance capabilities at the technical level. Through the BHPOS consensus mechanism, the digital asset custody and transaction clearing are jointly supervised and managed by the community through- the consensus mechanism of transaction data on-chain; hot and cold wallet separation; multi-signature + member nodes clearing- the goal of asset security and transaction credibility is achieved. All of these effectively solves the security and trust problems faced by the centralized digital asset management platforms.

About Blue Helix Open Platform
BHOP is based on Bluehelix’s decentralized digital assets custody and clearing technology along with BHEX’s underlying trading technology. It combines the core competitiveness of Bluehelix and BHEX to create an open SaaS platform with key advantages such as asset security, transaction reliability, and horizontal performance expansion. This can help in providing technical and operational services to partners who have or are preparing to operate the blockchain asset trading business. Through the capabilities of the BHOP open SaaS platform, partners can quickly launch their own business at zero cost, and also achieve full control of customers, data, brands and technology. Partners with technical research and development capabilities will achieve deep customization of products through BHOP authorized source code. BHOP can fully satisfy individualized transactions of different industries and different types of blockchain assets. The needs of the platform can effectively help partners create unique competitive advantages.

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