Theodore Gray: How to realize mass adoption of blockchain?

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The mass adoption of blockchain remains a heated topic. Many people think that the obstacle for blockchain technology is the fact that it cannot be easily explained. However, Theodore Gray, the co-founder of Wolfram Research, founder of Touch Press and science author, who’s now one of the advisors of the Newton Project, told Jinse Finance & Cointime his unique view of this issue.

Theodore Gray didn’t have a particular interest in blockchain until the Newton Project approached him. Newton Project provides an infrastructure for constructing the community economy in which anyone can contribute, share, and directly benefit. The project impresses him because its goal is to build real value in the world.Theodore Gray told Cointime that his contribution to the project has been to provide a broad understanding of technology, law, communication, and governance issues. 

How to achieve the popularization of blockchain? He said that the most important thing for blockchain companies is to stop thinking that explaining the technology will make it more popular. The public simply isn’t interested in technology and only cares about what can make their life easier. We should focus on solving real-world problems by using blockchain technology just as what Newton Project does to facilitate existing business models. Also, Theodore Gray said that Dapps can evolve as apps of iOS. What Dapps can learn from apps is to be simple to use. 

Theodore Gray thinks that blockchain technology is in a state like that of the internet around 1992. There are many problems to be solved ahead, such as the vulnerability to hacks and the instability of the blockchain. A second cycle may be needed to grow the real blockchain businesses and reveal the most powerful companies.

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