The Next Disruptive Innovation in Crypto Industry — Blue Helix Global Meet up in Vietnam

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The Next Disruptive Innovation in Crypto Industry — Blue Helix Global Meet up in Vietnam



Blue Helix has held its 3rd Global Meet-up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 4th May with the topic of ‘What is the next disruptive innovation in Exchange Industry. The meetup was co-hosted with the leading mining pool — F2Pool and one of the largest crypto community group in Vietnam- VIC Group. BHEX Director/Assistant President Elsa Qiu has given the welcome message to all distinguished guests and crypto enthusiasts.

More than 30 local community leaders, miners, derivative traders, and blockchain practitioners attended the meetup. CEO of KardiaChain Mr Tri Pham, COO of VIC Group Mr Quang Nguyen, Infinito Co Marketing Leader Mr Charlie Bussat, Global Marketing Manager Ms Poppy Luong , COO of KingChain Media has joined the panel discussion to discuss the prospects for the development of the blockchain industry in the second half of 2019.

About Blue Helix

Blue Helix is founded by James Ju, a successful serial entrepreneur — he was CTO of Huobi Global in the year of 2014 to 2017 and Vice President of X-Financial (NYSE listed Company) thereafter. He founded Blue Helix in early 2018 and it has completed 15 million USD angel round financing and received investment from a total of 56 institutional investors including top exchanges Huobi and OKex. Blue Helix is an innovative crypto assets financial services provider. The in-house developed Bluehelix decentralized blockchain-based assets custody and clearing system is dedicated to providing world-class professional financial trading and assets management services to worldwide users. And it has its self-managed Blue Helix Exchange ( and Open SaaS Platforms for institutional partners (BHOP).

Recap about Blue Helix Global Meetup — Vietnam

BHEX Director/Assistant President Ms Elsa Qiu: Announcement of Guild Board project listing and Community Growth Strategy

During the meetup, BHEX revealed its coin listing criteria and innovative community growth strategy — Guild Master Partnership and Guild Board Coin Listing. BHEX has a very positive vision in Vietnam blockchain industry and willing to corporate with local communities to grow wisely in a win-win way. Guild Board is a fully community-driven coin listing platform and BHEX will follow the original idea of blockchain/bitcoin — make full use of DAO mechanism and give the full decision power to the community, which driven by consensus instead of “whale”. Projects can make use of the Guild Board to provide a secondary market to their community for fair trading/circulation. BHEX will provide all kinds of technical support for better user experience and guild campaigns/activities to enrich the trading experience. “Projects from Vietnam will have priority to be launched on Guild Board” mentioned by Elsa.


BHEX Senior BD Manager Mr Ethan Wang: BHOP will Empower Partners and Open the New Page for Exchange Industry

Building on top of Bluehelix’s state-of-the-art decentralized digital assets custody and clearing technology, Blue Helix offers an innovative SaaS to its partners to operate their own exchange/broker in a light-weight mode. While Blue Helix is taking care of the asset security, transaction reliability and performance expansion using its technical advancement, partners’ hand will be freed from handling the technical challenge and instead focusing on user acquisition and business expansion, which will fully release their potential to excel in the respective market. Partners will be able to build their own brand, choose self-picked assets and grow users base using BHOP service and created a unique competitiveness. BHOP believed that a truly localized, community-driven broker system is the key to mass adoption of crypto exchange and BHOP would like to provide the infrastructure for such vision.


Panel Discussion: Prospects for the development of the blockchain industry in the second half of 2019


F2Pool Global Marketing Manager Ms Poppy Luong: insights into the mining industry and maximizing mining revenue in 2019.

Poppy Luong, the Global Marketing Manager of F2Pool, delivered a speech on new mining opportunities in 2019 at the global meetup co-hosted with BHEX. From Poppy’s perspective, the mining industry will continue to grow over the coming months due to the Hydro-electricity season in China, as well as the expansion of mining farms in North America, South America and Central Asia. Poppy also shared insights into maximizing mining revenue through using efficient mining management software, merged mining, overclocking GPUs, as well as choosing the most profitable coins to mine and selecting a stable mining pool.

KardiaChain CEO Mr Tri Pham: KardiaChain is pushing for Mass Adoption

KardiaChain CEO shared his vision on mass adoption of blockchain and their unique approach to empowering the ecosystem. Kardia dual-node allows seamless connections between any public or private chain. This helps business and government building a hybrid solution that gives better control over data and privacy within their organization (using their own private chain) while being transparent in specific areas (transfer information to public chain). Mr. Tri emphasized on building the right perception for the government, distinguish cryptocurrency, token and blockchain. KardiaChain’s new partnership with Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) is a good example of how choosing a different approach can benefit the blockchain industry as a whole. Upon release, the Football Dapp will help introduce the token concept to a population of 100m people in a country that always crazy about football.

Infinito Co Marketing Leader Mr Charlie Bussat: The biggest challenge of Blockchain to be adopted is user experience.

“The biggest challenge for blockchain to be adopted by an average person nowadays is user experience. Consumers want seamlessness, and right now blockchain products are not the most convenient to use. This is why we have built Infinito Wallet to be the most universal wallet on the market with support for, today, 11 biggest blockchains and over 2,000 of their cryptos. Then, when community needs evolve to service usage, we created App Square, a DApp browser inside Infinito Wallet that now covers 4 major DApp blockchains. At the same time, we also developed Infinito Blockchain Platform, with modules from us and our partners, to help businesses and developers efficiently build and effectively connect their DApps to global user communities.”

VIC COO Mr Quang Nguyen: Community is the Benchmark

“VIC Group is one of the pioneering communities in mining industry, which is the foundation to create a common community to support everyone who can understand much more Crypto through VIC, because of this VIC established a software company and created a new and unique Brand in Vietnam with an applications support for our community, VIC put the “ trust “ to build VIC, cause VIC always bring the best values of Crypto to the community as well as the best projects with the community as well as show the strong connection among members of the community whether the market is down or up, then users or community members always have absolute confidence in VIC because VIC always brings to the community with the projects have great value and say no to MLM and scam or chasing chickens. In order to do so, VIC took the community as a benchmark, for us we could go slow but we were always strong and unity not alone.”

KingChain COO Mr Thuat Paven Do: Deep dump of the entire crypto market was necessary

“A deep dump of the entire crypto market last year is a necessary and good correction for long term development, both in the aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Many tokens are dying as their bullshit business models and weak developer teams. In KingChain Media, we keen on transferring and educating knowledge and fundamentals of the industry instead of providing trading news and buy/sell signals. We believe that for the perspective of sustainable benefits, investors should focus more on the true value of technology and cryptos as well as its applicability rather than speculation and flipping on the market.

Crypto exchanges play a special role in the promotion and leading the public blockchain industry. More financial services and products should be provided and expanded as the traditional markets do, then cryptocurrency can get solid liquidity support for mass attention and adoption.”

About Blue Helix Exchange

Blue Helix Exchange (BHEX) is a self-managed digital asset trading platform, delivering top-notch performance from a matching system that is designed for millions of concurrent transactions. It will further evolve to a globally distributed multi-nodes system and provides decentralized custody and clearing services of digital assets to institutional and retail investors transparently.

BHEX Options Trading:(BTC/BNB/HT/OKB) — Leverage returns with no forced liquidation

BHEX has launched BTC Options trading as well as platform tokens Options Trading (BNB, HT and OKB), which allow users to trade with very low transaction costs and enjoy the high leverage returns from BTC and 3 platform tokens. BHEX Options trading is designed as a European spread option and onboard the idea of max payoff where users can ‘encash’ their profit anytime with no forced liquidation. BHEX Options trading comes with hedging itself, which can be further customized for traders who need powerful hedging tools, especially for BTC miners.

BHEX Options Trading Tutorial:

BHEX Bitmore Bonus Account — Hodling is Mining.

Bitmore Bonus account benefits BTC/UDST/ETH Hodlers and traders who prefer investment value over speculative strategy. Hodlers who choose to long BTC/ETH often go for a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy where they will buy the same dollar amount of BTC/ETH on a weekly or monthly basis. Bitmore Bonus account gives further benefit for such investors to utilize their idle fund and generate a steady daily income. Bitmore is guaranteed with min. 5% p.a. return and traders/Hodlers can freely order and redeem from Bitmore Bonus account and shall never miss the market opportunity and earn daily returns by holding the assets.


May Exclusive Campaign 1: Bitmore to Give you more Reward!

To reward BHEX global communities and miners, BHEX has launched a campaign, especially for Bitmore Bonus account.

Campaign period: 12pm, 1 May — 12pm, 31 May.

Participants are eligible to share up to 200,000 BHT besides the 5%p.a. guaranteed daily return. If you invite your friends to register and participate, your reward is unlimited!

More details can be found:


May Exclusive Campaign 2: Merged Mining & Double Reward

To reward miners deposited mining revenue to BHEX account, BHEX has co-launched a merged mining campaign with F2Pool.

Coins under promotion: BTC, ETH, LTC, GRIN, BEAM

Campaign period: 12pm, 7 May — 12pm, 6 June.

All F2pool miners are eligible to share up to 50,000 BHT if they set their payoff account to BHEX account and register for the campaign. Additionally, if miners transfer their BTC mining revenue to Bitmore account, more BHT bonus will be granted to F2Pool miners.

More details can be found:

About Bluehelix Chain

Bluehelix is a decentralized digital asset custody and clearing technology. Based on blockchain technology and community consensus, it uses cryptography and blockchain technology to support decentralized governance capabilities at the technical level. Through the BHPOS consensus mechanism, the digital asset custody and transaction clearing are jointly supervised and managed by the community; through the consensus mechanism of transaction data on-chain, hot and cold wallet separation, multi-signature + member nodes clearing, the goal of asset security and transaction credibility is achieved. Effectively solve the security and trust problems faced by the centralized digital asset management platform.

About Blue Helix Open Platform

BHOP is based on Bluehelix’s decentralized digital assets custody and clearing technology along with BHEX’s underlying trading technology. It combines the core competitiveness of Bluehelix and BHEX to create an open SaaS platform with key advantages such as asset security, transaction reliability, and horizontal performance expansion. Providing technical and operational services to partners who have or are preparing to operate the blockchain asset trading business. Through the capabilities of the BHOP open SaaS platform, partners can quickly launch their own business at zero cost. To achieve fully control of customers, data, brands and technology. Partners with technical research and development capabilities will achieve deep customization of products through BHOP authorized source code. BHOP can fully satisfy individualized transactions of different industries and different types of blockchain assets. The needs of the platform can effectively help partners create unique competitive advantages.

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