Exclusive interview with Anthony Pompliano:Hodl the bitcoin is the best strategy for many people

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Anthony Pompliano, affectionately known as Pomp, invests capital across the crypto ecosystem on behalf of institutional investors. He also runs Off The Chain, a popular podcast and email newsletter aimed at educating professional investors on the crypto industry.


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Morgan Creek Digital assets is backed by the institutional investment house Morgan Creek Capital, which has $1.5 billion in assets under management. The firm launched a Digital Asset Index Fund in late August, which gives accredited investors indirect exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum and eight other large market cap assets, although not pre-mined cryptos such as Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM).

On April 7, during the TEAMZ blockchain conference in Japan, Cointime(Jinse Finance) had an exclusive interview with Pompliano on bitcoin price trend, trading strategy and other issues that people are most concerned about.

Hodl the bitcoin is the best strategy

Contime: We all know that you are a bitcoin proponent and operating a podcast Off the Chain to spread the bitcoin. There are LongBitcoinShortBankers hashtag always in your tweet. Could you explain why people should do as you say?

Pompliano: With the LongBitcoinShortBankers? Because bitcoin is a non correlated asymmetric return asset, so introducing the bitcoin to your portfolio can drive overall performance and also reduce the risk.

In regard to short the bankers,I mean there's bad people who do bad things in every industry, so whether the script or the legacy financial system bankers, there’s bad people who are bankers and they do bad things. There's good people who do good things as bankers. Short the bankers is really just reminding people that you know bad people do bad things regardless of the industry.

Contime: So hodl the bitcoin is your suggestion?

Pompliano: I don't make any financial recommendations, but I do think that if you look at the historical performance of bitcoin, you will find that holding bitcoin for long time and not trade around tends is the best strategy for many people.

The price of bitcoin will be between three thousand and six thousand dollars in 2019

Contime: The price of bitcoin soars 20% up above 5000 USD in April 2, Does it means the end of the bear market or just a rebound? 

Pompliano: I don't know. I think that it is obviously a lot of people made a lot of money very quickly when the price of bitcoin went up twenty percent. Um, but with each passing day, it’s more and more likely that we've already hit the bottom.I don't trade Morgan creek currently and so I do think that we're less going to worry about that stuff. But at the same time, if you look out five ten years from now, I participate the price of bitcoin can be much higher than it is today. 

Contime: What will the price of bitcoin go in the rest of 2019?

Pompliano: I think the price of bitcoin will continue going sideways. So let's call it between three thousand and six thousand dollars. There will be kind of volatility within that range, but it's likely just to keep going sideways for a while.

Bitcoin is the negative currency of the internet

Contime: It is believed that the bitcoin is the negative currency of the internet. Do you agree with this statement and why?

Pompliano: I definitely think that's true. Because the bitcoin is decentralized. It’s not backed by government and run by algorithms.People trust the network over other humans, so I think a lot of the components or things of value on the internet have similar properties. The bitcoin is very powerful, and have the best security and performance. So we can believe that bitcoin is the negative currency of the internet.

Lightning network is important

Contime: You previously held the lightning torch in the opening of the year, what are your comments about the lightning network?

Pompliano: The Lightning networks are growing fast. It’s very obvious that there's a group of really smart people working on it .I think the lightning network plays an important role in the bitcoin scale-up solution, making transactions quickly for very low fees. But it also shows off the non-sensibility of bitcoin. when the torch was passed from somebody in Iran to Israel, I think what we're seeing is just people using different types of applications like the lightning torch on the lightning network to prove that the technology works.The lightning network is expanding and has the support of many people. The lightning torch will be passed on. 

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