Dragonchain Academy Announces New Tokenized Knowledge Economy™


Singapore, March 21, 2019 - Dragonchain today announced at Money 20/20 Asia the launch of the Tokenized Knowledge Economy as part of Dragonchain Academy’s new tokenization model. 

Dragonchain Academy is a tokenized education marketplace built on the Dragonchain Platform, utilizing blockchain to track and award certifications through Dragonchain’s Learning Management System, Lyceum. Its underlying technology and wide range of capabilities can be used to create a curriculum for virtually any subject, personalized to meet any organization’s training needs.

Completing any of Dragonchain Academy's current courses rewards a user with an immutable and tamper-resistant certificate stored on the blockchain. Course completion is planned to be rewarded with the mining of KNOW, an ERC-20 token included in Dragonchain Academy’s new tokenization model. KNOW is used to access premium course material and acquire a provable Knowledge Score™. This Knowledge Score is representative of a user’s acquired knowledge and mastery in various subjects and is the basis for mining new KNOW tokens. 

“We are excited to announce Dragonchain Academy’s new direction and Tokenized Knowledge Economy,” said Sieng Van Tran, president of the Dragonchain Academy. “As global financial conglomerates rush to tokenize assets, knowledge is the most valuable asset one could tokenize.”

For more information on courses and certifications offered through the Dragonchain Academy, visit academy.dragonchain.org or booth B40 on the Level 5 at Money20/20 Asia.

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