TokenInsight: Payment Constituted 10% Finance Scenarios with 92% Market Cap Last Month

Introduction TokenInsight is going to release a series of industry reports this week on token data within the blockchain ecosystem. Today, the Finance Industry Monthly Report unveils the status quo unveils its research results in this field. According to this report,

Industry Overview

Projects that provide development platforms and applications for ca(funding and loans, credit cards, wealth management, etc.) and capital market (securities, funds, options, capital investment) as well as insurance and other areas.

Among all the projects that TokenInsight is currently monitoring, the total number of finance projects is 80. In this report, the valid sample size is 77. The  industry's overall market cap is 16.3 billion dollars, ranking third among all the 11 industry boards.

The 5 most commonly used application scenarios are summarized as follows:

  1. Payment Ecosystem (PE): Includes projects like Ripple focusing on cross-border transaction, and Pundi X, which builds a blockchain ecosystem on physical devices running as nodes.

  2. Financial Infrastructure (FI): Includes modularized, business-level financial development platforms that provide identity authentication, assets-digitized and crypto-trading services.

  3. Crypto-backed Loans (CL):Includes projects like SALT and Nexo that take out (legal currency) loans with tokens.

  4. Asset Tokenization and Token Securitized (AT):Projects like Polymath and Smartlands.

  5. Crypto-investment and Information (CI): The projects provide marketing intelligence, targets and trading tools for crypto investment like Santiment and Maecenas.

As can be seen from the charts above, the ‘Payment Ecosystem’ accounts for 10% of the total number of application scenarios, occupying a staggering 92% market cap in the industry. However, the most unsatisfactory scenario has proven to be 'Asset Tokenization and Token Securitized'; while ‘Crypto-investment and Information’ has the most end projects. The information provides clues about whether an application scenario is reasonable and how much potential a project holds. 

Data Performance

In February, Fusion (FSN) was the project with the highest growth rate in the Finance industry previous month. Fusion is a blockchain infrastructure development platform for financial businesses. SaluS (SLS) is a project that provides tools, services and information for crypto community, showing the moderate ROI performance.

In terms of volatility, Universal Cash (UCASH) is an application that provides exchange services between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, with the lowest volatility at 2.3%. Moreover, Brickblock (BBK), the project fluctuated the most at 17.9%, is a real estate investment platform.

In February, the projects with the largest market cap were Ripple, Stellar, Pundi X, Bytom, and Stratis. The total market value of these top five projects reached $15.2 billion, accounting for 94.6% of the industry. Ripple alone accounted for 82.3%.

Industry Focus

Industry Ranking

Digital assets are subject to a number of risks, including price volatility and limited liquidity. The report is for information only and should not be the basis for making investment decisions or be construed as, investment advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or otherwise transact in any investment or participation in any trading strategy.

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