BitTorrent CPO Jordy Berson: BTT Is Never about How to Make Money


For the youth oriented peer to peer content network BitTorrent, the biggest news recently is its acquisition by international blockchain project, TRON.

There are concerning, questioning and misunderstanding from the users coming along with the news. Lately, CoinTime COO Angela Tong spoke with  BitTorrent Chief Product Officer, Jordy Berson on TRON summit, here are all the answers for your concern.

 BitTorrent Chief Product Officer, Jordy Berson

Can you introduce yourself?

Jordy Berson: I'm Jordy Berson. I'm the CPO of BitTorrent and I run the  BitTorrent  business unit. I've been with BitTorrent for about eight years and with TRON for about eight months.

Can you let us know how has BitTorrent developed during recent years.?

Jordy Berson: So BitTorrent has been the internal startup. As such, we've always innovated and explore technology. If there's anything about BitTorrent that people know, is that we have tremendous technical ability. We have tremendous engineering and we're the ones who are experts in the blockchain space and peer to peer. So we've applied that to all kinds of different things. And over time through trial and error, we're home that into what we're doing today,  which is more of a content platform tied in with TRON and decentralization.

Why do you want to use blockchain technology compared to the other solutions?

Jordy Berson: Blockchain is something that makes perfect sense for where we've been. So we have been the largest distributed peer to peer network in the world. Even when Bram Cohen was designing this network,  he knew about blockchain and it was a perfectly viable addition to how we were doing BitTorrent. So the fact that blockchain now is on the map, and we have support from TRON, it makes perfect sense to finally add that to the protocol, to be able to add that element I spoke of with the ability to endow users with value, so they can exchange that value with other people. It also serves as a more efficient way to determine when someone enters the swarm to exchange content, how efficient those people will be. So we can actually do a better job of allocating resources and making the whole thing run better.

What's your short terms goal after being merged by TRON and where are you of your road map?

Jordy Berson: What was very nice as when TRON acquired us, I went through the roadmap personally with Justin Sun. He loved what we were doing. So we were already working toward his vision of a platform where people, regardless of where they are in the world, regardless of whether there are mobile or desktop, can come together with one single experience and engage in this new platform. So we were doing a new product called BitTorrent Web, which makes the entire process of BitTorrent much easier, because it was fairly technical before. We're expanding to different platforms like mobile, and we're bringing that all together in one experience. In addition, we were proven to ourselves that people would stay within BitTorrent and watch content in our ecosystem.

Before that they would come download and leave. So all those things were fundamental building blocks to what Justin had in his mind for the future. So it's perfect.

Do you consider BitTorrent as mainstream application?

Jordy Berson: Sure.We have over a hundred million users around the globe. In terms of usage, absolutely. In terms of our brand image,I think we've always been seen as a kind of a youth oriented brand. I think that's one of the reasons we are so successful in bringing the types of content and the types of participation in the license content arena than we did, big names again, like Madonna, Tom York, Radiohead, Pretty Lights, all these artists who want to work with us and reach out to their youth oriented audience.

What will bring to each other from the two sides?

Jordy Berson: Justin made a very smart choice in acquiring BitTorrent. We have a massive distributed network of over a hundred million people around the globe. We have the top development developers for peer to peer. We had the roadmap I just described for what we're trying to do with that. Meanwhile, on TRON’s side, they're the experts in crypto currency, in token and blockchain and they have resources. So you put us together and we can accelerate what we are doing. We can do with more expertise. We can add the crypto element to the entire thing. And that's how this tie up works perfectly.

By what conditions can blockchain go mainstream and will BitTorrent make breakthrough to make it possible and why?

Jordy Berson: There's something that shared in the blockchain community, which is that we have to make this easier for people. We have to change the way we talk about it. We have to get away from the lingo and the abbreviations and get down to a point where we use common language and the usability of the product becomes easier, I think that's one of the key elements. In addition to that, we can incentivize people. And Justin has a lot of good ideas about how to start to bring people to where they feel more comfortable. It's more approachable. We can even incentivize people to participate in this community. So with those different elements, which by the way, a lot of people are working on, I think what BitTorrent and TRON can do is, because we have the leadership that we do in both the peer to peer and the token space, we can potentially innovate faster with an eye toward each of use, with an eye toward good communication and bring this technology in the world faster.

Here comes BTT. It seems like there is a lot of concerning about BTT. And one of them is like “adding token to the system is nothing and but a game of capital”, so how to response that?

Jordy Berson: Why are we doing this in the first place? This was before TRON even inquired us, that we were considering and looking into, how do we improve the efficiency of our system and potentially create a vehicle for our users to earn value in the system. It was never about how do we make this a pay to play scheme. It was never about how to make money. 

We brought this forward for those reasons. We don't intend to do anything different, as I talked about earlier. Justin is in line with this. We wanna make sure that the BitTorrent protocol and the experience the users have remains the free, accessible experience as it is.

Has BitTorrent run on TRON? What about the performance? Some question that TRON cannot provide thorough TPS to BitTorrent. Can you tell us is that true? And how many TPS is required for well functioning BitTorrent?

Jordy Berson: I won't get into the technical solutions. My colleague Justin can all can get more into that. But I will say this,  everything that we're saying that we're gonna do, we have the technical ability to do that. I think there was a question brought up about can we gets the levels of speed and efficiency that we need to pull this off?  Well, the answer is yes.

It may not be exactly the method that points out here. There's many ways to do this stuff, and we're confident that we've chosen a way that we can do exactly what we're saying to the world.

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