Poloniex Becomes One of 1st Major US Crypto Exchanges to List Grin


Poloniex, the exchange run by one of the world’s largestcrypto finance companies, Circle, is one of the first major exchanges to list the privacytoken Grin. 

Poloniex is also pledging a portion of Grin transaction fees on Poloniex to the Grin General Fund for the next year. Read more here.

Poloniex’s decision to list Grin comes on the heels of a host of improvements to make the exchange one of the most innovative places for crypto trading. 

In that last few months,Poloniex made continuous efforts to enrich its Circle Asset Framework:

  • Poloniex became the first exchange to list FOAM, a platform that, among other things, allows people to privately record authenticated location data independent of external centralized sources such as GPS

  • Poloniex listed Livepeer (LPT), Numerai (NMR), and Polymath (POLY)

  • Poloniex made available institutional accounts to meet the advanced trading needs of institutions

  • Poloniex became the first exchange to offer pre-fork trading ahead of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork.

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