Hyperloot, 7Wave capital and Crypto Explorers are organizing the first Davos esports-related event


On 24th January, Hyperloot and 7Wave capital in association with Crypto Explorers are organizing the first Davos esports-related event.

“To live up to it’s potential, esports needs to develop new formats and involve the biggest brands out there.” Aleksander Vasilenka, CEO of Hyperloot.

Hyperloot utilizes Ethereum blockchain as a proven and reliable infrastructure. Itwas founded with a single goal in mind – to bring real ownership to in-game assets. They are keen on bringing back the old days of tight-knit community while creating new opportunities for the market with an ultimate goal to build a transparent monetization model with ownership transfer from publisher to gamer.

Their path to disrupt the gaming industry with new monetization models lead us to the Davos this year. There, in the epicenter of thinking about tomorrow we are holding three esports related events. This will be the first time this huge entertainment phenomenon is widely discussed at the most prestigious financial conference of the year.

The event will take place in in Seehof hotel. For two hours people will discuss on the hot topics of esports ranging from entering the space and investments to technologies and IP ownership in the competitive gaming world. the host are expecting guests from traditional companies like Air Asia, Phillips, Ericsson, HSBC and even some names in Oil Industry. On the other hand, the event is joined by experts in the field like Fnatic, STARK, ESL, Gen.G and more to share the knowledge on why it’s the next global phenomenon. We are hoping for a conversation that will begin the best possible tomorrow for competitive gaming and explosive growth for everyone involved.

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