Blockchain Cuties CEO Vladimir Tomko: Crypto Games Should Bring In Fiat ASAP


Among all the DApps in the market, Blockchain Cuties is always special.

With the cryptocurrency price going down, ICO bubble bursting, most of the DApps are having a hard time in 2018.

But not for Blockchain Cuties. According to DappRadar, Blockchain Cuties has always been one of the top 5 DApps on the list. The ranking is even higher than the famous DApp game Crypto Kitties.

During the Block Show week in Singapore, the COO of CoinTime Angela Tong interviewed the CEO and game producer of Blockchain Cuties, Vladimir Tomko.


According to Vladimir Tomko, Blockchain Cuties is a crypto DApp game that currently running simultaneously on EOS and Ethereum blockchain. In this game users can buy, sell, breed, collect and send different cute pets(cuties) to adventures. At the moment there are 5 species of cuties and in the near future Blockchain Cuties will introduce three more.

Running on the chain

Running on the Ethereum, Blockchain Cuties has to deal with the traffic jam on the chain. In Ethereum, if users want to transact, they have to pay the gas fee for it. With limited scalability of Ethereum, sometimes the gas fee is very high, could being up to 5 times more than the real benefit from the game.

Vladimir Tomko said,

“At the beginning we decide to make the game play more like real playable so players don’t have to confirm every single transaction everytime. Some of the game part is off chain, so it has like server mechanics. But main thing that is connected with the cutie itself like selling, buying, breeding, using items that change cuties’ status is all on blockchain.”

So when users of Blockchain Cuties do one of those things, they are addressing the smart contract that processes it. “At the moment, if we speak of Ethereum we have around like 30 smart contracts for very different game mechanics including like free rifle, or players can get like bonus for free every day. It is all on the smart contract, and each time you see a window’s popping up that you need to confirm a transaction, basically you are addressing a smart contract,” Vladimir Tomko told CoinTime.

Another part of being a blockchain DAapp, Blockchain Cuties has to secure the users' assets.

Vladimir Tomko explained, “People's assets are secured by people themselves because they don't belong to us. They are stored on the wallet of each individual person.”

When a player buys a cutie like a kitty, a doggy or a little bear, it is stored in his own wallet. Blockchian Cuties can no longer modify it. If the player somehow provides his private key to scammy person who steals the cutie, Blockchain Cuties won’t be able to recover it because they don’t hold it on its servers.

Boost the user numbers

During the bearish market, it is hard for DApps to attract more users.

Social medias like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter and Google are forbidden to work with crypto games unless they have legal licenses, which is actually impossible for crypto games, according to Vladimir.

For crypto games, one of the few channels to get more users are the infrastructure elements that are built around the games like crypto gaming media DAppradars, state of DApps etc.

“Applications that try to drag how your game perform, if you pay them for ads they can bring this traffic to your game,” Vladimir said.

Then another option is to go to the crypto gaming community in telegram, wechat, and advertise the game to the targeted audiences. These people are educated, they have the experiences and they basically earn money by playing those types of games.

Advantages in the market

Blockchain Cuties is not the first crypto pets collection game in the market, there are more famous one like crypto kitties.

What is Blockchain Cuties' secret to survive than others?Vladimir told CoinTime, Blockchain Cuties have a lot of different mechanisms that other game don't have.

 “If we compare to other encrypted pet games in the market, we have a lot more species. Like cryptokitties has only cats, Trondogs has only dogs. At the moment we have 5 species already. And each cutie has different genes and will provide attributes. Each attribute will provide different bonuses like elemental bonuses that are based on Chinese Fengshui, like elements of metal. wind, tree and so on. Those affect how each cutie performs in combat.” 

Vladimir believes that Blockchain Cuties' combat mechanic is very unique and very complex at the same time. People who like to play deeper games to plan their characters and make like a tailored army of special characters to defeat others can find these mechanics in Blockchain Cuties and cannot find them anywhere else because other games are usually not so deep.

“We try to cover a lot of different game play for different types of players. We will listen to the community and according to the votes to develop more new contents. In other games players are just like people who play the game. Here they are basically co-developers, they decide what works what doesn’t work, how to fix everything, we usually listen to them and make those ideas reality,” said Vladimir.

For a player, there are several ways that they can make profit in the game. Players can breed and level up cuties and sell them to other players. New players need items to make their cuties stronger. Stronger players are creating an army of cuties so they need to cheer them up. So a lot of players are making money just by farming the location, getting the items and supplying the market with those items. “Our active players(averagely active) can make up to 200,300 euros a month by just supplying items,”according to Vladimir.

Blockchain game DApps flaws

The current user base of Blockchain Cuties are around 15,000 people, the active number of plyaers are around 5000, and around 800 or 1000 people playing daily.

The research that was done by Tokenized Games before the introduction of EOS games, the total amount was like around 72000 players. And then the EOS came out, it’s very big in Asia especially in Korea. There are around 5000 new players joining in games. So the total market is about 76,000 users at the moment considering different facts.

For Vladimir, there are two main disadvantages comparing to the normal native mobile applications.

First one is that blockchain game DApps cannot use the normal methods of user acquisition at the moment. It is very hard to acquire new users, they are very expensive, and the games themselves are pretty primitive if compared to normal games. People who play these decentralized games on the market right now are mainly for earning money. It is hard to release the games on app store or acquire big amount of users to make the game flourish.

The most important one is that a lot of people who would love to try and play the games and earn money don’t have cryptocurrencies. Game producers need to make them educated and put them into this perspective.  And in order to make it easier game producers need to be able to process credit cards very fast. So if they might be able to start playing using fiat money, and the wallet would be created instantaneously for them. Conversion of fiat to the needed cryptocurrency will be super fast, then the progress will be easier and it would be easier for game developers to make the market grow and bring in new users.

However, right now it's very hard to buy things with fiat in crypto game. Users need to undergo a KYC procedure, they need to take photos of there ID card then send them to a person who does KYC, if it’s ok then it allows them to pay and then sends the cyptocurrency to the needed account. In the fasted way it will also take at least 20minutes.

“It's not easy to bring in fiat. Especially we have master card policies that US merchants need to hold the fiat funds. If you want to do everything in-house you need to have tech license, bank license, electric money institution, payment institution. We need some new infrastructure elements on the game market that would cover this portion of on boarding process. So it would be seamless and easy as possible. At the moment nobody does that. So I think those are the major problems right here and we need to solve them urgently as a community and as a business. By we I mean not only game developers but people into blockchain and fintech, if they see this market is lucrative they might try to do some solutions,”Vladimir said.

If one game producer is able to do it before everybody else then there is a chance that he will succeed, he will make profits and will makes the game as popular as possible, Vladimir told CoinTime.

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