2018 Huaren Capital Global Launch Event Successfully Held In Manila


Huaren Capital held the global launch event in Manila, Philippines, On November 28, 2018. Jeff Wang, founder and CEO of Huaren Capital, Antonino Calixto, Mayor of Manila Pasay, Garrett JIN, Vice President of Bit Forex, and An Xinxin, Golden Financial Partner, Philippines IPVG Group and digital peso CEO Jaime Enrique Gonzalez and YFi Group President John D. Borra attended the conference and made important speeches.

Huaren Capital is an investment company that aims to promote the economical and technical development of the Philippines and improves the living standards of the Filipino people. The future goal of Huaren Capital is to base in the Philippines, lead the local enterprises to the world, Huaren Capital has the world's top investment team, determine to find excellent start-ups which in the sectors about artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, big data, etc. Huaren Capital would bring advanced technology and developed experience to the Philippines, leading Philippine tech companies to the world, creating value and bringing wealth for the Filipinos.

The CEO of Huaren Capital Jeff Wang made an important speech at the beginning of the conference. He said that Huaren Capital will contribute to the economic, scientific and technological development, and improve Filipinos’ living standard under the new Sino-Philippine relations and the Belt and Road policy. Huaren Capital will spare no efforts to support the development of emerging industries and startups in the Philippines. 

As the government representative, Manila Pasay Mayor Antonino Calixto also affirmed the positioning of Huaren Capital. He believes that the development of Huaren Capital in the blockchain industry will lead the current science and technology status in the Philippines to a better situation. The high speed development of financial technology will bring more opportunities to the Philippines. In the future, Manila will also cooperate more with Huaren Capital to attract investors from all over the world and promote the economic development of Manila and the Philippines.

Garett Jin, vice president of BiteForex, discussed the role of stability in the currency trend, he shared current progress and scales in blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc., and looked forward to the currency exchange system and the Philippine digital currency market. Blockchain industry’s daily  trading volume is more than 300 million US dollars, there are more 1.8 million users in 186 countries are using blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. The entire industry is still in the initial stage, thriving, but need to be further developed under the government's support and effective supervision.

Jaime Enrique, founder of the Philippine Digital Peso, and the founder of the IPVG Group in the Philippines. Jaime Enrique is a pioneer in the digitalization of the Philippine currency. He made a speech about the world economic development, the importance of technology and the opportunities that the Philippines can seize in the future. He believes that the blockchain will play a very important role in the future’s infrastructure. The Philippines has a $37 billion market waiting for blockchain technology to discover and break through. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude for the joining of Huaren Capital. He hoped that with the joint efforts of the Chinese and Philippine companies, the digital peso project will be quickly landed to benefit the Philippine economy and enhance the friendship between the two countries.

John D. Borra, CEO of YFi Group, spoke about CEZA in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone. CEZA is a special economic zone and free port of the Philippines. The government wants to build it into a cryptocurrency center in Asia, becoming a blockchain and financial technology center. The CEZA Special Zone will provide a cradle and a safe haven for all financial technology talents and companies. CEZA welcomes people from all over the world to come, the Philippines will always be open to the world.

In addition, Huaren Capital partner's mainland partner, the Chinese top blockchain media, Cointime’s cofounder An Xinxin also gave a speech at the conference,  he introduced STO, and highly praised the contribution of Huaren Capital to the blockchain market. .

The founder of the Australian Digital Business Association, co-convenor of the global blockchain forum Ronald M. Tucker, MYEG Chairman Ron Aquino, Digital Peso founder Jaime Enrique, Bit Forex Vice President Garrett Jin,  Avannah CEO Mikko Perez and other guests gave a panel discussion at the event, they had an in-depth discussions on blockchain, and shared ideas on the digital currency, the new opportunities and challenges of AI and IoT. 

Jeff Wang and Jaime Enrique signed an investment agreement on the event, and Huaren Capital officially announced the investment in the Philippines digital peso. 2018 Huaren Capital Global launch Event was successfully concluded by witnesses from all distinguished guests in the end, which laid a solid foundation for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, pointed out the prosperous future of Huaren Capital. 

The future is coming, let us looking forward to it.

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