Huaren Capital chooses Philippines as headquarters


Coming at the heels of a successful state visit of Chinese president Xi Jin Ping to the Philippines, Huaren Capital of China announced that it has officially decided to set its headquarters in Manila to bring another energy to the emerging Southeast Asian market.

Jeff Wang, president of Huaren Capital and whom many considers as the"father of bitcoin in China"said that their decision to choose Manila was based on the Philippine government's support for the blockchain industry and many policy regulatory conveniences. "The Philippines regards blockchain innovation as a national strategy, providing a large number of preferential policies and services to related companies, and solving the regulatory problems faced by the blockchain industry," Wang said. "At the same time, the traditional developing financial industry in the Philippines has created an enabling environment for Huaren Capital to develop innovative financial services.  These services, can aid Philippine authorities to use blockchain technology to advanced financial market service systems to the Filipino people," Wang added.

According to Huaren Capital, as traditional banks, securities markets, insurance companies and other industries face development difficulties and confidence crisis, technology innovation in financial services based on transparent and fair blockchain decentralization technology are emerging, bringing global investors new vision and choice.   With its strong mining pool business and excellent talent team strength, Huaren Capital will fully tap the market potential of the rapid development of the blockchain industry and work together with investors to lead the digital transformation movement of the new era.

The Philippines will be the springboard of Jeff Wang and Huaren Capital and the global investors. "I'm confident that this raging fire from Southeast Asia is will shine in the future and become the focus of decentralized revolution,"Wang declared.                         

About Huaren Capital :  Huaren Capital is a financial innovation company founded by a group of senior experts in the financial and technological industry. Founder Jeff Wang provides a key digital pool resource for Huaren Capital, the mining pools in China, Russia and Middle East of Huaren Capital are powerful and low-cost, which can bring low-risk sustainable income to the investment business of Huaren Capital.

Even in the environment of low market value of cyptocurrency, the Huaren Capital controlled mining pool can be upgraded with advanced 7nm mining machine chip to maintain a stable profit return and computing power advantage. The discourse power of Huaren Capital in the major blockchain platforms has become more important, laying a solid foundation for the company to develop technology finance innovation based on blockchain technology.

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