Scry.Info Overseas Markets Manager Rye Chang:Build Virtual Cities, Embrace Real Communities


Recently, the overseas marketing manager of Ray Chang went to North America with his team, starting from the university of California, Berkeley, bringing the new idea of blockchain to more colleague students and blockchain practitioners. Thorough the trip, aims to polish its products with leading blockchain technology and build the community ecosystem.

Scry.Info:Build Virtual Cities, Embrace Real Communities

Right now, SCRY has already built community in Boston, New York and Los Angeles in the United States, and this San Francisco trip opens the market operation recruitment for the first time, symbolizing that SCRY is further preparing for the launch of its products in 2019.

During the north American trip, was mainly focused on its social DApp Scry City, but has been working on more than that. 

The products of, said Rye Chang, has four layers.The first is the underlying + protocol layer, which provides the infrastructure and a convenient blockchain platform for developers to use, helping them to save time and the cost. The second is the decentralized wallet Cashbox, which can facilitate the circulation exchange and value management between fiat and blockchain assets. The third is the Scry depot database, which aims to realize real data transaction and reliable data realization and provide data foundation for the upper blockchain application. The fourth is the social application Scry City, which will be opened to public gradually. With the support of the first three levels, the social application has completed the preparatory work and its development is going smoothly.

Rye said, the blockchain has helped to make the application more real. The virtual world in the social application is likely to transfer to reality through blockchain technology. Therefore, the application based on the real world is not just a game. It can really connect to the realistic society.

Read blockchain with the virtual city

Scry.Info:Build Virtual Cities, Embrace Real Communities

"Currently, we have not found any application, which is based on mainstream public chain development, can be as entertaining and of great commercial value as Scry City." Rye is excited about the groundbreaking explorations that is currently working on. He showed the differences between Scry City and other virtual City games in the centralized world.

“In Scry City, data such as time and weather of virtual cities are from the real world, which corresponds to real cities. For example, in virtual San Francisco, we can map the weather of the real San Francisco to the virtual city we build,” Rye explained. “We can buy a piece of land in virtual city, build our own houses, factories and other buildings, register our own company, then conduct simulation operation, make profits, participate in the market game, and improve the management ability in the process.”

"For users, there are lots of ideas that might be difficult to implement in the real world, and that can be done in the virtual city. For example, you can run a company to compete with others, managing salaries, inventory, etc. You can also socialize in virtual cities, joining commercial groups and communities, and fully participate in the virtual society, where the environment and behavior will be closer to the real world.” It is not only the data cannot be tampered with, said Rye, the virtual city has its unique value with the incentive token. The data calculation and economic system are completely independent. The consumption system and habit, and the relative price is in accordance with the realistic society, giving the game a strong economic system.

Rye pointed out that in the social application supported by blockchain technology, users can completely establish and promote their real brand in virtual City. The blockchain provides trust, and the system supported by token corresponds to real economic interests, all of which make Scry City participants' more prudent about their business decisions.

There is no such thing as free" in token economy

Scry.Info:Build Virtual Cities, Embrace Real Communities

Indeed, blockchain and token economy are changing the description of the word "virtual", said Rye. “Our social networks involve very complex and independent economic systems that operate according to the established economic laws without human interference from outside.” Scry City designs economic models based on the consumption indices and habits of different cities and considers the link between relative prices and the real world.

The interesting part of the idea “virtual city” is that it's constantly being explored. "For example, you start promoting your own cola in your city," said Rye, "but with the deepening of business strategy and the development of the ecosystem within the app, it is possible that the real world cola brand will be attracted, so that the real business promotion will be reflected in the virtual world." Rye expressed confidence in realizing the interesting ideas of Scry City one by one and then negotiate with big enterprises for further cooperation.

"We know that there is no such thing as free. Under many occasions, free is just a payment for something else, so it's better for us to do it right in advance," says Rye.

In Scry City, players need to spend time to earn money if they don't want to "pay". After obtaining certain benefits, token can be used to hire people to participate in the construction of virtual companies. In the virtual city, the division, pricing will be closer to a free market. “We've always thought Scry City could achieve a lot more than the idea of a game," Rye said.

In order to give's own DApp a better operating environment, its underlying technology takes a dual-chain parallel structure that allows smart contracts and data to be packaged separately, and TPS tests can now reach 1800, says Rye. In future, Scry City will continue to support more tokens in the virtual City in order to truly attract more ecological participation.

Community:Focus on the overseas  

Rye can feel that, despite the crypto bear market, both the product and the community are more grounded. "The current bear market is actually a cooling-off period for the industry, and that's actually good for qualified projects," Rye said to CoinTime. The financial market of blockchain industry is becoming more solid, enabling projects that actually want to do things back to their own pace. “For the current market, good products are needed to be motivated, and we are doing that,” he said confidently.

In 2017, the big bull market of crypto world attracted the world attention. Back then, the market was too mad-brained, projects had to compete with both good and bad products. The public attention was scattered, the market noise was loud, and it was easy to lead to Gresham's law. “Under normal circumstances, our own development pace is already very fast. We can complete the development work with quality, quantity and efficiency. But if a project needs to be developed for half a year, yet you finish it within a month, the effect must be greatly reduced. Now the market is cooling down, I think it’s good for projects development and products polishing,” Rye said. At present, the agreement layer and wallet of Scry City are ready. Scry City will gradually launch in the first half of 2019.

Just like the way polishing the product,'s pace of community building is also one step after another. "We all feel that the overseas market is promising and we are trying to exploit it, but the communities that are underpinned by trading volume on the market are not what we are looking for." "We need to use our products and ideas to attract more people to contribute to the community consistently," says Rye. Rye believes that the real community members are active participants and contributors who genuinely endorse and promote technology, products and ideas.

In United States, Rye will start from the university of California, Berkeley, the largest blockchain community of universities in the world, to attract excellent college students to join the team of Scry.

Rye hopes that through overseas market development and community building,'s products can bring more encouragement to the whole industry. "The era of blockchain 3.0 is the era of large-scale application of technology," Rye said.

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