San Francisco Blockchain Week has been fully completed


“San Francisco Blockchain Week” kicked off from October 4th and ended smoothly on the 12th. During the 9-day event, three core conferences and several satellite conferences and official gatherings were held in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing a platform for extensive and in-depth communication for blockchain practitioners.


The Ethereum San Francisco Hackathon was held on the 5th to 7th, and the Ethereum founder Vetalik participated in the competition. During the meeting, the discussion focused on the establishment of an open financial system, upgrade of smart contracts, the future of global mining, blockchain privacy protection technology, and blockchain connection to the real economy. The hackathon offered collaboration opportunities for developers, industry experts, consultants, and companies. It also provided new impetus to the development of infrastructure and applications to distributed networks.

The Epicenter conference is one of the most desired conferences in the San Francisco Blockchain Week. The two-day conference attracted more than 5,000 attendants. The main venue was held simultaneously with four sub-meetings. Through roundtable discussions, keynote speeches, and development camps, hot topics like the blockchain privacy and trust industry concerns, investment and future development were discussed.

The last event in the San Francisco Blockchain Week was the Crypto Economic Security Conference (CESC), a two-day gathering of researchers and industry participants to discuss critical technologies and the latest academic developments in the field of cryptographic economics.

Oasis labs, ICON, Kyber Network, Rchain, Zilliqa, Lightning Network, Cosmos and other projects participated in the conference, introducing developers and practitioners to the platform's development progress and unique insights into the industry.

Jeff Schumacher, founder and CEO of BCG Digital Ventures, said in a fireside talk that:” before designing the certificate model, it is necessary to look at the value chain behind it and see if the blockchain reduces the economic friction and whether it saves more costs, sells more products, or establishes more connections. At the same time, we must also consider the various components of the economy, which are suitable for multi-centered. Only when considering thoroughly of these factors, the certificate would have intrinsic value.”

AngelList founder and CEO Naval Ravikant stated in a fireside conversation:” cryptocurrency has become "almost" mainstream in these years. It can be seen that Silicon Valley's top technology talents are working for the cryptocurrency world, and a multi-centered consensus has begun to emerge. Serious investors in investment institutions have begun to enter the world of cryptocurrency. At the same time, we must realize that the cryptocurrency market is hot, but it does not have revolutionary significance. What is truly transformative is the innovation of science and technology, such as the innovation of the consensus mechanism.

Meanwhile, we can also see the new protocol layer and different roles. The fact that the certificate is increasingly emerging is a fascinating part. Investment is only "hot," and technological innovation is the essential change.”

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee believed that cryptocurrency would be mainstream in the future. Firstly, people need for anonymous transactions to protect their privacy. Secondly, people need such an alternative medium to support everyday economic activity. When talking about stable currency, Charlie Lee said that the role of the stable currency is to provide liquidity to the cryptocurrency market. Although the stable currency like USDT is not very transparent, people still use it.

In addition to the above-mentioned large-scale events, there are many small events, parties, technical lectures, dinners, and other activities during the period. A large number of free educational events, developer seminars, technical exchanges, and other events are held in and around San Francisco. Among them, CoinTime teamed up with, Kushen Wallet, GDV Capital, UMining and other blockchain industry participants to hold the “The Door to Blockchain” public welfare education at the University of California at Berkeley to explain the latest developments in cutting-edge technology. Internship opportunities and employment opportunities are provided in the event.

The San Francisco Blockchain Week provides an excellent opportunity to understand the blockchain and crypto economy. Blockchain practitioners from China, the US and around the world have exchanged ideas in the San Francisco Bay Area, and bringing new developments, confidence, and energy to the industry. 

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