Blockchain New Power Silicon Valley Station has come to a successful ending, constructing international bridge for the industry


Blockchain New Power Silicon Valley Station has come to a successful ending, constructing international bridge for the industry

On 29th August, Blockchain New Power, host by Node Capital, NewDo, CoinTime and Jinse Finance, completed its Silicon Valley Station successfully, brought projects to north America from all around the world. CoinTime had on-site report during this event.


This event was hot with more that 100 guests attended, including community opinion leaders, blockchain/integrated media, blockchain professionals, while more that 30 were top managers for famous VC, token funds and exchanges.

It provided a unique opportunity to get the startups and investment institutions together, created a high-level platform to have a better communication, built a bridge between well-known capital and high-quality projects in both places.

Many local media in Silicon Valley were attracted to have interview on the heads from exchanges such as Binance, Coinsuper, Coinbene, and funds including DHVC, DFJ Draper Dragon , JRR Crypto, Genesis Capital etc. during the event.

Projects including Hotnode, PARKO, MoFAS, Merkle Data, Amberdata, YottaChain, Cognida gave speeches in the session of roadshow while shared their insights on blockchain industry and system.


Mingyuan Wang, founder & CEO of Hotnode, explained that, in recent years there has been a rapid growth in blockchain, token fund is emerging while with many pain points to be solved that are low-effective management , confused process, no strategy for exit and unprofessional regulation, many of them are now managing their fund with Excel which is very old school stylish in the brand new field with a different investment logic, thurs token fund should be smarter.

Shawn Douglass,CEO of Amberdata pointed out the reason he established a blockchain analysis insititution was that he found the opportunities in the field, he said that,  everyone needs blockchain data: Investors, traders, exchanges, auditors, regulators, blockchain businesses. Thus, data analysis company can make profits by defining the category for cross-chain analytics, monitoring, and search and taking the complex world of blockchain and reduced it to a simple model which enables us to provide transparency and insights.

Michael Hathaway of Cognida mentioned that, enterprises are now facing increasing security complexity, mentioned that practical, open source blockchain security solutions for Enterprises is needed. The solution of Blockchain Agnostic, Digital identity management, Security policy enforcement, information Services and secure messaging can benefit the enterprise security.

Mike Ma, founder of Parko cited many problems of social platform like  fake news, data abuse and unfair revenue model, called for out-of-box blockchain solution to build autonomous social dApp and community .For existing blockchains are slow to apply on the social network application, expensive to run smart contract, and no inflation token model release, a blockchain solution for social dApps with better monetization and faster user growth, secure reputation are keys to make it possible.

Jay Ryu, CMO of MoFAS, said that ley Issues on blockchain like limitation of transaction speed, consensus delay problem, security problem, imitation of service and usability etc. need to be addressed. He called for building a blockchain platform based on the high-speed node and transcendental agreement verification protocol. Using double linked Blockchain, the blockchain plays as a chain that records the information of a transaction, and the whitechain plays as a chain that stores and links smart contracts (contracts, warranties), the value of information, etc.

During the events, the top managers from the orgainizer, Node Capital, NewDo, Cointime and Jinse Finance mounted the rostrum. After that, Angela Tong, COO of CoinTime presented in the events and introduced CoinTime's global strategy while being interviewed by a local video media. She pointed out that, CoinTime is aiming at being the top media in the US market, and is going to spare no effort to foster the cooperation between home and abroad as an one-stop service platform focusing on the blockchain industry, this events in Silicon Valley initiated its the global trips, and she was looking forward to have further partnership will excellent projects and investment institutions in the future.

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