Only 19% of Cryptocurrency Holder in the US Filed and Paid their Crypto Taxes.
    Understanding Blockchain from Its Core: First Blockchain University Conference-USC
    Bank of England Is Testing Blockchain Features For Their Real Time Gross Settlement Project.
    China’s Central Bank Announced it Would Develop Their State-run Cryptocurrency to Secure the Position of the Yuan.
    Two more Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Shut Down.
    Bitfinex: Never Planned To Accept Petrol (PTR) or Similar Cryptocurrency.
    Twitter Will Officially Ban Cryptocurrency Tomorrow. How Will It Affect The Overall Cryptocurrency Market?
    Cryptoworld Conference: Wall Street and the Money of Things
    Roberto Escobar Gaviria, Pablo Escobar’s brother, Claimed American Government Created Bitcoins. Thus Gaviria Created “Dietbitcoin” to Protect Investors From Bitcoin’s Eventual Fall.
    Document Revealed the NSA Has Been Attempting to Track Bitcoin Users Since 2013
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