10/22/2018  Today  Monday 
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    [Updates | US court bans Alibabacoin from using Alibaba trademark]Alibaba successfully blocked a cryptocurrency company from using its trademark. On the 22nd, the US District Court for the Southern District of New York approved Alibaba's request to ban Alibabacoin, which is based in Dubai, from infringing its trademark.
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    [Updates | Russian new bill may allow digitization of private company stocks]According to the Cointelegraph citing Russian media Vedomosti reported on October 21, citing to Vedomosti's new version of the "Digital Financial Assets Act", the Russian State Duma Program allows private company owners to create and sell so-called "Digital Financial Assets (DFA)" as The company's digital equity. According to reports, DFA data will be verified by the Central Bank of Russia and stored through the blockchain. According to the Russian news media RBC, DFA is basically equivalent to encrypting "token", but with different names. Once the company issues these assets, it can no longer be listed by traditional means.
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    [Updates | Prime Minister of Samoa issues a warning on the Onecoin project]According to the bitcoinexchangeguide, Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi was concerned about the local promotion of the Onecoin project and issued a warning about the investment. Malielegaoi said: "Someone came to Samoa to promote the plan from abroad. We also let them visit the Central Bank of Samoa. The final result shows that this is only a conspiracy. The central bank warned against participating in the Onecoin project, and we should avoid doing so."
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    [Analysis | The cryptocurrency market will reach $1.4 billion in 2024]According to prnewswire, citing to a new report released by MarketsandMarket, the cryptocurrency market will increase from $1.03 billion in 2019 to $1.4 billion in 2024, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 6.18%. The main drivers of market growth are the transparency of distributed ledger technology, high remittances in developing countries, high costs of cross-border remittances, fluctuations in monetary regulation, and growth in venture capital investments. The main factors limiting market growth are regulatory uncertainty and lack of understanding and technical understanding of cryptocurrencies.
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    [Analysis | Bitcoin price volatility is slightly lower than Amazon stock volatility]According to CCN, Kevin Davitt, senior lecturer at the CME Options Institute, said Bitcoin's 20-day historical volatility (HV), the rate of change in its daily price, has fallen to 31.5%. In contrast, Amazon's 20-day HV is 35%, NVIDIA is 40%, and Netflix is 52%. At the current level, Bitcoin is almost as stable as the world's most valuable company Apple, with Apple's 20-day HV being 29.3%. In addition, Davitt pointed out that bitcoin prices are much more stable than cannabis producer Tilray's share price even in the most volatile cases. Davitt speculates that the cryptocurrency market may be maturing, while the decline in HV indicates a “structural shift” in ecosystems. However, he warned people that it is too early to conclude that this is the "new normal."
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    [Update | Visa will partner with IBM to launch blockchain digital identity system]According to a cointgraph, citing to a press release issued on October 21, Visa will work with IBM in the first quarter of 2019 to launch a blockchain-based digital identity system. Called Visa B2B Connect, the system will provide financial institutions with blockchain-based digital identity solutions that enable them to handle cross-border payments securely. Kevin Phalen, global head of Visa Business Solutions, said the system will significantly reduce the cheques, ACH and wire transfer fraud that may exist today, while also helping the company maintain compliance as part of a regulated financial ecosystem.
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    [Updates | Forbes will launch cryptocurrency tracking system]According to unhashed reports, Forbes will work with NewCity Digital, trade.io and other companies to launch the cryptocurrency tracking system Forbes CryptoMarkets. The project entered the testing phase today and includes real-time pricing and volume information for thousands of cryptocurrencies around the world, initially including five cryptocurrency indices.
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    [Analysis | Ernst & Young: Ethereum remains the king of blockchain projects]According to ambcrypto, a new Ernst & Young report shows that nearly one-third of all cryptocurrencies financed through ICO in 2017 have lost "substantially all value." In addition, Ethereum remains the king of most of the blockchain industry projects, as the new project has failed to overwhelm the success of the Ethereum blockchain.
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    [Updates | Johnny Depp signs a development agreement with the cryptocurrency platform]According to hollywoodreporter, Hollywood star Johnny Depp signed a development agreement with the cryptocurrency platform TaTaTu. It is reported that TaTaTu is a social entertainment platform centered on cryptocurrency created by entrepreneur Andrea Iervolino. The agreement requires both parties to jointly develop and produce movies and digital content.
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    [Analysis| Auto blockchain market was expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 31.19%]According to globalnewswire, the auto blockchain market was expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 31.19% during the forecast period. The market size was expected to grow to US$5.29 billion in 2030 from the US$350 million in 2020 .
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    [Updates| Block.one push: Excellent Dapp project submission would be welcom]According to reports, Block.one officially posted on Twitter that since the EOS mainnet was launched, EOS ecology had been enriched and prospered. Anyone would be welcome to email his/her Dapp project to Block.one.
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    [Announcement| Visa announced VisaB2B Connect detailed plan to be launched in the first quarter of 2019]According to Fstech, Visa had announced new digital identity product details in preparation for the launch of VisaB2B Connect in the first quarter of 2019.
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    [Updates| Zaif parent company Tech Bureau announced its agreement to transfer virtual currency-related business]Zaif announced that at the extraordinary shareholders meeting held on October 19th, Zaif parent company Tech Bureau announced the approval of the transfer of virtual currency-related business, Zaif's virtual currency-related business would be transferred to the FISCO Group on November 22nd.
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    [Updates| GitHub showed login failure due to data storage problem]According to Thenextweb, the digital currency exchange GitHub had problems with data storage since its 10:00 today.
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    [Updates| Investors ‘found’ Philippines’ Blockchain unicorn]Chris Wakeford of Tribal Ventures Sydney, John Ellison of DCA Funds, Aleksander Wyka of Opengroup.org, Shane Hermans, CEO and founder of Geniusto International founder and two other investors held a private funding session at the World Plaza Building in Bonifacio Global City in the Philippines to look for the next blockchain unicorn. The private session in the Philippines on Saturday was a tremendous success.
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    [People| Celebrity ICO endorsers were taken to court over alleged crypto scam]Music producer DJ Khaled and boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather had been hit with a class action lawsuit from investors who claimed the celebrities participated in a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency scam, TMZ reported. The two influential endorsers were in the crosshairs due to their involvement with the Centra Tech ICO, which they promoted on social media during the run-up to the token sale last year, according to the report.
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    [policy| Australia securities watchdog halted ICO, seeking to raise US$50 million]An Australian ICO project planning to raise as much as US$50 million announced its token sale had been halted by the country's securities regulator. Called Global Tech Exchange, the Brisbane-based project announced on its website Monday that its token sale had ceased after the Australia Securities Investments Commission (ASIC) stepped in.
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    [Updates| Monero fees fell to almost zero after 'bulletproofs' upgrade]Transaction fees on the monero network had fallen sharply after last Thursday's system-wide update. The reduction came in the wake of the activation of a highly-anticipated form of cryptography named "bulletproofs" on the privacy-centric cryptocurrency Thursday.
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    [Updates| Sberbank stood ready to offer ICO services to clients]Russian state-owned Sberbank, and the National Settlement Depository (NSD) had completed their first ICO trial within the regulatory sandbox launched by the Central Bank of Russia in April to create a safe environment for experimenting with blockchain-based products and services.
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    [People| Yesterday, the proportion of new users on the ETH chain decreased by 13%]According to Searchain.io data, the active proportion of new users on the ETH chain was 40.29% yesterday, 13.30% lower than the previous day and 30.58% more than the same period last month.

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