08/16/2018  Today  Thursday 
  • 18:49

    [Market | BTC has 5,444 unconfirmed transactions]According to btc.com data, BTC has a number of 5,444 unconfirmed transactions with an increase of 247.19% compared with yesterday, and the market activity rebounded a lot.
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    [Update | Bank of Montreal applies blockchain technology to issue fixed income bonds]According to ethnews news, the Bank of Montreal and the Ontario Teacher Pension Plan successfully completed the fixed-weight bond issuance test based on blockchain technology. It is reported that issuers and buyers through the blockchain platform can view the transaction details and verify the accuracy of the investment information and payment amount. Bank of Montreal expressed hope to reduce the cost of financial reporting, secure settlement and cash transaction settlement through blockchain technology.
  • 18:33

    [Voice | Boston Consulting: Blockchain technology will influence the development of the commodity trading industry]According to the Cointelegraph, on August 16 Boston published a report on the application of blockchain technology in commodity trade. The report points out that blockchain technology can record complex transactions in a transparent manner and track the direction of goods, which can significantly reduce the actual delivery risk, improve transaction trust, standardization and completion efficiency, especially for complex, multi-transactions opponent. At the same time, it can also improve the efficiency of supervision. The Boston Consulting Group said that regardless of whether the blockchain will be adopted on a large scale, this disruptive technology may affect the development of the commodity trading industry like “Trojan horses”.
  • 17:59

    [Update | Coinbase is now officially opening ETC services to users across the world]According to official Coinbase news, customers in all countries served by the exchange can now buy, sell, and store ETC. In June, Coinbase said it will support ETC in a few months.
  • 17:58

    [Market | ETH price rose 1.7% in 1 hour]According to the huobipro data, the ETH price rose from $284.83 to $289.95 within one hour, increased 1.7%.
  • 14:32

    [Update | Genesis Mining will terminate some customer contracts]According to Coindesk, cloud mining service provider Genesis Mining recently said in an official blog that due to the continued downturn in the digital currency market, the company will terminate customer contracts with insufficient revenue to cover maintenance costs within two months. The company also stated that customers who wish to retain the service must sign a five-year service contract and must not terminate the contract in advance.
  • 14:30

    [Update | NVIDIA GPU sales fell sharply]According to Coindesk, Nvidia's second-quarter earnings report showed that the company's revenue in digital currency fell sharply due to a sharp drop in GPU sales. Colette Kress, the company's chief financial officer, said that Nvidia expects revenue of $100 million in digital currency, compared to just $18 million, but performance in games, professional visualization and data centers offset the impact of a sharp drop in GPU revenue.
  • 12:58

    [Voice | Nobel laureate Paul Krugman: Bitcoin is more practical than gold]According to Nulltx, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman participated in a blockchain meeting held recently, changing his previous questioning attitude and expressing his optimism and trust in Bitcoin. He said: Gold is dead, Bitcoin is more practical than gold and may be more valuable in the future. He also said that if the cost of digital currency transactions is reduced to a reasonable amount, his previous objections will be overturned.
  • 12:57

    [Update | Ripple signs "Priority Cooperation" agreement with three exchanges]According to Coindesk, Ripple has recently signed a “Priority Cooperation” agreement with Bittrex (USA), Bitso (Mexico) and Coins.ph (Philippines), which will serve as “preferred partners” and conduct transactions with xRapid payment platform which uses XRP. Bittrex, Bitso and Coinsph will serve as Ripple's "preferred digital asset trading platform" as part of a plan to build an XRP ecosystem. Cory Johnson, chief market strategist at Ripple, said more exchanges will be added to the list in the future.
  • 12:53

    [Update | UEFA successfully completed ticket distribution using blockchain system]On August 16th, according to the official news of the European Football Association League, during the recent match between Royal Madrid and Atletico Madrid, UEFA applied the blockchain-based ticket distribution system to complete the distribution of the tickets. It is reported that UEFA will further improve the system and expand its use.
  • 12:49

    [Update | US Senate will review blockchain technology energy efficiency]According to Coindesk, the US Senate will re-examine the energy loss of blockchain technology next week, and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on “Blockchain and energy efficiency of such technologies” on August 21st to gain a better understanding of how blockchain technology affects electricity prices as well as potential benefits. At the same time assess whether blockchain and such technologies can improve the online security of energy supply computer systems. It is reported that this is the first time the Senate Committee hearing focused on the potential role and impact of the blockchain in the energy industry.
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    [Live | Genesis Capital Investment Bank Partner: using the logic of products to do blockchain investment banking]Cointime on August 16th, Beijing time, Genesis Capital Strategic Upgrade Conference and Blockcloud first China District Appreciation Conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Carrie Yang, partner of Genesis Capital Investment Bank, mentioned that there are four main points to use the logic of product in blockchain investment bank: 1. Judging information - maintaining market sensitivity 2. Grasping key points - user perspective, truly solve problems for projects; 3. Integrate limited resources - ecological layout, link global resources; 4. Package your own value into a systematic product.
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    [Update | VeChain plans to apply blockchain technology to vaccine tracking]According to Nasdaq official news, VeChain recently announced plans to provide vaccine tracking solutions based on blockchain technology. Previously, he wrote on the blog that he would use "highly sensitive IoT devices" to record data during the vaccine production process and then store the data on VeChain's enterprise blockchain VeChainThor. VeChain is currently working with the Norwegian technology service company DNV GL to develop the solution.
  • 12:28

    [Update | Binance announced the establishment of a French currency exchange in Liechtenstein]On August 16, the company announced the establishment of a currency exchange, Binance LCX, in Liechtenstein. Binance LCX plans to set up an office in Liechtenstein to start the recruitment process and build a team of 10-15 people. The French exchange currently supports four trading pairs, Swiss Franc (CHF/BTC, CHF/ETH) Euro (EUR/BTC, EUR/ETH).
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    [Analysis | CCN: Bitcoin price analysis]According to CCN, bitcoin rebounded on Thursday after falling to an intraday low of about $6,217. From the recent price trend, Bitcoin rose to a maximum of $6,450-$6,500. During European trading hours, the upward momentum has slowed. Currently, BTC/USD is consolidating in the face of sluggish trading volume. If the price falls, it will continue to consolidate or there will be a full downtrend. However, there is still a fairly strong support at $6,189, which will prompt the market to rebound; resistance is near the MA100.
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    [Voice | Forbes Eric Ervin: Blockchain may revolutionize global stock trading]According to Eric Ervin, a Forbes contributor, blockchain technology can improve the efficiency of stock exchanges and even revolutionize global stock trading due to automation and decentralization.
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    [Update | Intel GDPR Edge will be used in the North American grocery industry]According to cryptovest news, US consulting firm SPINS issued a statement on Wednesday that the blockchain-based consumer privacy service GDPR Edge jointly developed by Intel will be used in the North American grocery market.
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    [Voice | Anthony Pompliano: security tokens will change traditional finance]According to cryptovest, Anthony Pompliano, founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, said security tokens are digital assets regulated by federal regulations. This means that they are the intersection of traditional financial products and digital assets. He said, "If a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is considered a 'programmable currency', then the security token can be seen as a version of 'programmable ownership'. This means that any asset with ownership can and will be marked."
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    [Update | 2018 China-US blockchain and digital currency conference will be held in Los Angeles]According to btcmanager, the 2018 China-US blockchain and digital currency conference will be held on August 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, USA. More than 25 experts and speakers from both countries will discuss hot topics such as blockchain technology, venture capital, financing, bitcoin mining, digital currency trading, SEC compliance, law and taxation.
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    [Policy | California public office candidate may accept digital currency donation]According to Coindesk, the California Fair Political Practice Committee (CFPPC) met on Thursday to discuss a range of election issues facing California, including whether public candidates can accept digital currency as a campaign donation. In this regard, the members reached a consensus that in this year's midterm elections, each donation is capped at about $100. The committee hopes to continue to study this topic before the 2019 election. However, this proposal was not formally adopted at the meeting on Thursday. The committee will meet again next month for discussion.

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