10/20/2019  Yesterday  Sunday 
  • 23:47

    [HTC’s phone can run a full bitcoin node]Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC has launched Exodus 1s, a blockchain phone supporting bitcoin network, according to a report by Coindesk on Oct. 19. The company showed the device Saturday at the Lightning Conference and claimed that the new product is able to run a full bitcoin node.
10/17/2019    Thursday 
  • 03:33

    [French central banker calls for regulation on crypto assets]A French central banker calls for a global regulatory framework on crypto assets, according to a report by Coindesk on Oct. 17. In a speech at an Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) meeting in London on Tuesday, Denis Beau, a deputy governor of Banque De France, said:”There is a need for overall consistency to prevent regulatory arbitrage under the ‘same activities, same risks, same rules’ principle. The only way to ensure that is with a standardized regulatory regime.”
  • 03:16

    [Venezuelan migrants are using bitcoin for remittances]With the remittance sent in 2019 estimated to be $3.7 billion, money from abroad is a large source of income for Venezuelan families and bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have assumed a larger role in cross-border transactions, according to a report by Coindesk on Oct. 17. Migrants are using crypto during the relocation process because it’s hard for immigrants with no jobs to access financial services in new countries. Crypto-remittance businesses could start to bloom in Venezuela.
10/16/2019    Wednesday 
  • 04:07

    [David Marcus promises to move forward with Libra]Facebook’s David Marcus doesn’t criticize companies that have pulled out of the project, and he’s optimistic that more organizations will sign on in spite of strong opposition from policymakers, according to a report by Bloomberg on Oct. 15. He said in an interview with Bloomberg Television that they are going to move forward and add more members.
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    [Wilshire Phoenix updates bitcoin ETF filing with SEC]The United States Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) has started to accept public comments with regard to updated bitcoin exchange-traded fund(ETF) proposal by Wilshire Phoenix Fund, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Oct. 16. Investment management firm Wilshire Phoenix and exchange NYSE Arca have filed an amendment to their bitcoin ETF application to reflect new situations.
10/15/2019    Tuesday 
  • 23:57

    [Foxconn founder: Libra can be connected with China’s digital currency in Taiwan]Terry Gou, founder of manufacturing giant Foxconn, said Taiwan could boost its status as an international financial hub by embracing Libra, rather than taking a skeptic stance. Gou also suggested the island could connect Libra with the digital currency developed by the People’s Bank of China. Gou stated that Taiwanese regulators should establish a more welcome legal system for decentralized finance technologies.
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    [‘Satoshi’ enters the Oxford English Dictionary]The word ‘Satoshi’ has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary published by the Oxford University Press, according to a report by Coindesk on Oct. 16. The addition was made as part of a quarterly update to its database. In the dictionary, a satoshi is defined as “the smallest monetary unit in the bitcoin digital payment system, equal to one hundred millionth of a bitcoin”.
  • 05:45

    [BHEX Eco Foundation invested millions of early investment in Caitex Exchange]Recently, BHEX invested millions of early investment in Caitex Exchange, the world's first digital asset contract trading platform based on HKDT Hong Kong dollar stable coin. Martin, the founder of Caitex, said that Caitex will focus on mapping and build a bridge between the traditional financial and blockchain financial world based on HKDT, and design a full range of 24-hour financial derivatives trading products through the stable coin. It is reported that Caitex relies on the strength of a strong financial consortium and has unique advantages in financial and human resources. The first digital foreign exchange contract product HKDT/USDT will be launched soon, with a maximum leverage of 500 times. BHEX is the Leading DeFi Service & Tech Provider, founded by James JU in 2018. BHEX has received joint investments from Huobi, OKcoin, Node Capital, BlockVC and together with 56 leading reputational institutions. BHEX is dedicated to providing world-class professional financial trading and assets management services. BHEX's in-house developed Bluehelix decentralized blockchain-based assets custody and clearing system serves more than 120 BHEX Cloud Partners with 5 million end-users with custody of more than 6 billion USD worth of assets.
  • 01:48

    [SEC to halt Telegram token launch with investor communications]To justify the launch of Telegram’s blockchain project, the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) depended on communications with investors, according to a report by Coindesk on Oct. 14. In September, regulators purportedly contacted U.S.-based investors, requesting information about what details were being shared by the company to support TON token offering.
  • 01:24

    [CME: Customer interest in bitcoin futures remains strong]The Chicago Mercantile Exchange(CME) Group recently tweeted that, despite the pullback in bitcoin prices, customer interest in CME Bitcoin futures remained strong during Q3 with daily open interest of over 4,600 contracts, up 61% vs Q3 2018,. Open interest refers to the total number of contracts that have not been settled, which increased to 4,629 contracts in Q3 2019, from 2,873 in Q3 2018.
  • 01:14

    [Grayscale gets approval for Digital Large Cap Fund]Grayscale has received regulatory approval from FINRA to list what it claims the first publicly-traded digital currency index fund, according to a report by Coindesk on Oct. 14. The Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund(DLC) will trade under symbol GDLCF on OTC markets, with investors exposed to crypto price movements through a diversified basket of large-cap digital currencies. DLC is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), so it’s not subject to other requirements of U.S. securities laws.
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    [Facebook-led Libra Association gains signatures of 21 organizations]21 organizations have signed the Libra Association charter after a series of significant departures, according to a report by Coindesk on Oct. 15. During the meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, the Libra Association named its board of directors and formalized the executive team. It’s reported that Facebook still remains a key player in the project, with Calibra CEO David Marcus taking one seat on the five-person board. Also, the Libra Association claims that more than 1,500 organizations have expressed interest in joining the project.
10/08/2019    Tuesday 
  • 06:44

    [BHEX Token(BHT) has done Buyback-to-Burn for Quarter 3 2019]According to the BHEX official Announcement of BHT Buyback-to-Burn Scheme, BHEX will do quarterly buyback-to-burn until BHT with a total issuance of 1.05 billion. Since the buyback has started in the third quarter of 2019 (22 July - 6 October 2019 ), a total of 63,117,700 BHT has been buyback and burnt. BHT burning record: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xb49c1e63a7b2b081e927c5b60008eff0be5453826c609f58b1940cdd51abf895
09/27/2019    Friday 
  • 03:11

    [BHEX First Perpetual Contract Simulation Competition with 100,000 BHT Reward has Successfully Completed, Champion with Highest RoR of 1084.63%]BHEX has launched Perpetual Contract Beta version, and has Simulation Competition with 100,000 BHT Reward held on 10am, 23 September -10am, 27 September 2019. There are total of 1000+ participants. After 4 days competition, Community Member Mr Chu has won 30,000 BHT reward with RoR 1084.64%. BHEX Perpetual Contract features on "No market manipulation" and "No clawback". Currently supports BTC reverse contract (simulation only). BHEX contracts also supports 1-100 leverage, lowest maintenance margin rate (0.5%) among its peers. Stay tuned for the official launch date.
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    [Binance helped UK police investigate cybercriminal]Binance, one of the world’s leading crypto exchange, said it helped British police arrest a cybercriminal with theft of millions of pounds, according to the blog posted by Binance on Sept. 26. Binance has worked with the Metropolitan Police Service’s Cyber Crime Unit in the investigation of a Bulgarian individual who was suspected of developing and selling scripts for phishing campaigns that targeted users of over 50 services.
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    [US SEC Commissioner: We need to be a little less paternalistic]United States Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) Commissioner Hester Peirce called regulators excessively paternalistic on cryptocurrencies, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Sept 26. She attended the Digital Asset Compliance and Market Integrity (DACOM) Summit in New York and led a Q&A session featuring discussion of regulation for crypto assets. Hester Peirce predicted that as technology changes, we’ll see cryptocurrencies becoming much more the money of the internet.
09/26/2019    Thursday 
  • 04:10

    [Zuckerberg shows fear in the face of regulatory scrutiny of Libra]Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has confirmed that Facebook is taking a much more careful approach to Libra than previous projects, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Sept. 26. Facebook’s digital currency Libra has become a focus since the launch of its whitepaper. Zuckerberg seemed to show a rare display of fear in the face of regulatory scrutiny of Libra in an interview.
  • 03:38

    [Daimler carries out first transaction on blockchain-based Marco Polo trade network]Automaker Daimler has carried out its first transaction on the blockchain-based Marco Polo trade finance network, according to a report by Coindesk on Sept. 25. The pilot trade transaction involved an order and delivery agreement for a balancing system from Dürr subsidiary Schenck arranged over Marco Polo and the payment was prearranged through a conditional commitment from Daimler’s bank.
  • 00:28

    [Online lender SoFi to launch crypto trading platform]Online lender SoFi will launch its crypto trading platform next Tuesday, according to a report by Coindesk on Sept. 25. CEO Anthony Noto said in an interview that bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin will be the first cryptocurrencies available to trade on SoFi Invest platform. Coinbase will provide the firm’s crypto liquidity and the partnership will allow SoFi customers to track crypto price movements.
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    [ECB exec: Libra could address problems of global payments system]Benoit Coeure, an exec at the European Central Bank(ECB), said that Facebook’s Libra pushed central banks to consider two major problems in global payment systems, lack of access and efficiency of cross-border retail payments, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Sept. 25. Coeure also noted that while many blockchain-powered stablecoins are designed to solve at least one of the problems, Libra could solve both. But, he added that the solution to these issues will raise a number of challenges for policymakers.
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