02/28/2020    Friday 
  • 19:17

    [Bluehelix James JU | Introducing BTC and other assets as the underlying assets of the public chain will drive public chain competition]Recently, Bluehelix(a.k.a. BHEX) founder and CEO James JU stated in media reports that due to the high recognition and stable valuation logic of digital assets led by BTC, the introduction of BTC assets as the underlying ecological assets of the public chain will cut public chain ecosystem risks, which will be the key to the success of the third stage of public chain competition. It is understood that the Bluehelix chain has completed internal development testing. After the mainnet is launched in the future, all public chains can be empowered through this public chain, so that all public chains connected to the custody have the cross-chain interoperability with mainstream assets such as BTC and ETH. In addition, through the use of the Bluehelix chain, third-party public chains, institutional investors can easily prove themselves with transparency, which is of great significance to the healthy development of the market.
02/26/2020    Wednesday 
  • 01:21

    [BHEX Contracts Trade Volume and Number of Traders Increase By 40% and to Kick off Trading Competition of Reward of 10,000USDT]As of 12:00, 26 February 2020, the number of traders and the trading volume for BHEX perpetual contract have increased by 40% setting a new record in 2020. BHEX perpetual contract released for more than three months, and it has withstood the test of several large market fluctuations and with zero downtime. In terms of market depth, BHEX low spread, high takers/makers volume and stability of the API has won the support and recognition of professionals and customers within the blockchain industry. As a token of appreciation to our supporters, BHEX will launch a zero capital contract trading program allowing users to experience a real-time contract trading environment without worrying about any risk. BHEX will be launching a perpetual contract trading competition at 20:00 on 1 March 2020, giving away 10,000 USDT in six days of trading. Find out more by clicking the link below:https://forms.gle/uadEnKC7sUhkXdHQ9
02/25/2020    Tuesday 
  • 21:40

    [BHEX Public Chain to Launch Beta testnet and achieve cross-chain asset interoperability between public chains]Bluehelix(a.k.a BHEX) announces the completion of its internal test and development of BHEX Chain. Bluehelix will release its BHEX Chain beta to the public soon. The key feature of BHEX Chain is to enable various public chains through decentralized hosting and achieve cross-chain asset interoperability between public chains. Bluehelix Chain has obtained global patented of MPC private key share generation technology, achieving a breakthrough in decentralized cross-chain private key signing across all validators managing private key shares. The launch of the BHEX Chain will enable non-intrusive cross-chain asset custody with interoperability to mainstream assets such as BTC and ETH. For instance, a 1:1 cross-chain custody of an ERC20 token and BTC. BHEX Chain will eventually help to improve the user experience for decentralized Finance (DeFi) and decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystems.
02/20/2020    Thursday 
  • 01:09

    [BHEX launches BHEX Broker White Label Solution, Start your exchange business at Zero Cost]]BHEX, The Leading Tech-Driven Cryptocurrency Trading Platform announced that in response to changes in the current market competition, it will launch BHEX Broker white label solutions based on the well-known SaaS platform Bluehelix Cloud, and share full liquidity with Spot, Perpetual Contract, and OTC trading. Through the BHEX broker white label solution and infrastructure support by Bluehelix Cloud, entrepreneurs can easily cold start their digital asset trading platform. Bluehelix Cloud is the core product of Bluehelix Group, a Singapore technology company, and currently provides technical solutions to more than 140 trading platforms in the world. Bluehelix is co-invested by leading industrial giants such as Huobi Group and OKEX. The founder James JU is former CTO of Huobi Global in 2014-2017 and the VP of technology of listed company X Financial. He has extensive experiences In financial, digital assets and blockchain technology.
02/09/2020    Sunday 
  • 00:44

    [BHEX will list BEE at 19:00, 10 February 2019 (UTC+8) With 300,000 BEE Airdrop Bonus]BHEX will list BEE and open trading at 19:00, 10 February 2020, Singapore Time (UTC+8). Deposits and withdrawals will be available right after the listing of BEE. Holders of BEE tokens, new registration, and inviters who invite new users will be entitled to a share of the 300,000 BEE bonus tokens. BEE is a native cryptocurrency issued by BEEX. The total circulation of BEE is 100 million. There is no additional reserve and additional issuance of BEE tokens. 100% of BEE tokens will be produced through trade mining activities. First reducation will be on 14 March 2020. 70% of the total revenue of BEEX platform will be used for buyback of BEEs in the secondary market under the Buy-Back and Burn scheme to reduce its circulation to not more than a total of 21 million BEE. BHEX is the Leading Tech-Driven Cryptocurrency Trading Platform jointly invested by Huobi and OKEx Group.
01/02/2020    Thursday 
  • 23:53

    [Mining giant Bitmain launched a “personnel optimization plan”]Bitcoin mining rig maker Bitmain has launched a “personnel optimization plan” that will layoff a portion of its employees before the next BTC halving, according to a report by Chinese news media Wushuo Blockchain on Jan. 2. It’s reported that Bitmain will hold its annual meeting on Jan. 17, and the layoff list will have been completed by that date.
  • 20:22

    [South Korea drafting legislation to regulate crypto transactions]South Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance is in the process of drawing up a revised bill to tax cryptocurrency transactions by the first half of 2020, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Jan. 2. It’s reported that cryptocurrency and taxation laws are creating a great deal of confusion in South Korea and the country needs to come up with a clear definition of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
12/31/2019    Tuesday 
  • 00:52

    [China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC) has received an application for listing an exchange-traded fund(ETF)]China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC) has recently received an application for listing an exchange-traded fund(ETF) which is filed by Shenzhen-based asset management firm Penghua Fund on Dec. 24, according to regulator’s disclosure. The proposed ETF aims to track the performance of Shenzhen-listed public stocks that have businesses in blockchain industry.
12/25/2019    Wednesday 
  • 19:56

    [Greek court suspends decision to extradite alleged crypto criminal]Greece’s top administrative court has suspended a decision to extradite a Russian national criminal suspected of laundering of billions of dollars through a cryptocurrency exchange, according to a report by Reuters on Dec. 24. The decision is purportedly to make until the court hears an appeal.
  • 19:48

    [UCSB finished its first accredited blockchain course]University of California Santa Barbara(UCSB) has just finished its first accredited blockchain course, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Dec. 25. The course was taught as a computer science class and was formed in response to requests from the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation(BAF) to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology.
  • 19:45

    [China’s Stock Exchange launched index of 50 blockchain firms]Shenzhen Stock Exchange(SSE) in China launched an index to track the performance of 50 blockchain firms, according to an official announcement on Dec. 24. The index is based on stocks of 50 companies in the blockchain industry listed on SSE, which are ranked by their average daily market value over the past six months.
  • 19:39

    [Youtube started to delete crypto-related content]Youtube, one of the most popular social media platforms for video sharing, has aggressively started deleting cryptocurrency-related content from the biggest influencers in the industry, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Dec. 25. Based on Twitter and Reddit threads, YouTube suddenly began deleting a number of cryptocurrency videos on Dec. 23.
  • 19:35

    [NASAA: Crypto investments are top investor threat in 2020]North American Securities Administrators Association(NASAA), the oldest international investor protection organization, has officially announced that cryptocurrency investment is among top five investor threats for 2020, according to a report by Cointelegraph on Dec. 24. The authority surveyed state and provincial securities regulators across the U.S., Canada and Mexico to get the result.
12/23/2019    Monday 
  • 23:29

    [Bitcoin development roadmap in 2020]John Newbery, Bitcoin core developer, recently tweeted the development roadmap of bitcoin in 2020. Firstly, lightning network will be main focus in 2020. The lightning protocol teams are working on c-lightling(Blockstream), eclair(ACINQ), LND(ligntning) and rust lightning will continue to iterate rapidly on the lightning protocol. Secondly, the schnorr/taproot softfork will be activated in 2020 or 2021, which will provide a huge improvement in fungibility, privacy, scalability and functionality. Thirdly, wallet teams will collaborate on a PayJoin payment protocol.
  • 23:28

    [Rwanda to launch blockchain institute next year]Africa Blockchain Institute(ABI) has announced it will operate in Rwanda in 2020, making it the first blockchain school in the country, according to a report by local news outlet All Africa on Dec. 20. The school intends to offer five courses, which are blockchain essentials certification course, blockchain developers’ course, enterprise blockchain course, blockchain for lawyers and blockchain for impact.
  • 23:08

    [Bakkt has two new appointments]Former PayPal and Google veteran Mike Blandina has been appointed as the new CEO of major cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt, as announced by Bakkt’s parent company Intercontinental Exchange on Dec. 23. Also, Bakkt has appointed Adam White, former executive at major U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase, as new president of the company.
  • 22:59

    [Uzbekistan bans citizens from buying crypto]Authorities in Uzbekistan have banned residents from purchasing cryptocurrencies on digital asset exchanges licensed in the country, according to a report by bitcoin.com on Dec. 24. It’s reported that crypto holders will only be able to sell their coins.
  • 02:27

    [IMF Managing director: The halt of Libra reflects the concerns over monetary sovereignty]Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund(IMF), said that the halt of the development of Libra reflects the concerns of many countries over monetary sovereignty, which results in the lack of operational environment, according to a report by Chinese news outlet Caixin on Dec. 23. She also indicated that the digitisation of money has taken place, and IMF is particularly concerned about equality in order to give every country access to political information and guidance.
  • 02:17

    [Lagarde: Facebook’s social media platforms may give Libra unfair advantage]Christine Lagarde, the new president of European Central Bank(ECB), has expressed concern about Facebook’s using its social media platforms to promote Libra, according to a report by Coindesk on Dec. 20. She said that stablecoins addressed many of the problems associated with cross-border payments system, offering a cheaper and more efficient payment option. However, Lagarde indicated that Facebook may have an unfair advantage over smaller operators because it can use its social media platform to block rivals and promote Libra. Lagarde emphasized that regulators would have to address the problem of competition in the stablecoin market.
12/18/2019    Wednesday 
  • 01:56

    [Bluehelix Signs Strategic Partnership with Korean Exchange Hanbitco in Blockchain Financial Service System]On Dec 17th, Bluehelix announces the strategic partnership with renowned Korean exchange Hanbitco. Bluehelix will provide Hanbitco with blockchain financial infrastructure and technology service, helping Hanbitco accelerate its global expansion. It is reported that Hanbitco was established in 2018; since then it has constantly been targeting to be the most professional and secured venue in the market. Admittedly, Hanbitco has been shown in almost all “security” related authorized rankings. For instance, Hanbitco ranked top 20 worldwide, top 1 in Korea, in the exchange security ranking issued by well-knowned security institute CER. Bluehelix is the leading DeFi technology service platform, heaquartered in Singapore, dedicating to providing the best technology to blockchain industry. Up to now, Bluehelix is serving more than one hundred top-tier blockchain companies around the world.

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