02/24/2018  Today  Saturday 
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    [Australian businessman Craig Wright said he is Satoshi Nakamoto] Australian businessman Craig Wright told three famous media, BBC, Economists and GQ magazine that he is Satoshi Nakamoto who is the founder of the most famous online cryptocurrency-bitcoin.
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    [On Feb.24th 2018, counter-fake blockchain union were formally set up by some famous people] On Feb.24th 2018, counter-fake blockchain union were formally set up by a group of famous people, including YangBo who is the founder of MuMaYi, LiangJi Zhuang who is the chairman of 258 group etc. This counter-fake blockchain union aimed to share information and ideas about skills, applications, trends, market, supervision as well as fighting against and exposing fake blockchain projects.
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    [Williams: The Fed has not been thinking about developing a cryptocurrency] Williams from the Feds declared that the Fed has not been thinking about developing a cryptocurrency. BTC and other cryptocurrencies could not meet the basic examination standard of national currency’ test, but those were still the exciting area.
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    [Michael Arrington said proper U.S. supervision frameworks were Reg D and Reg A].Michael Arrington, the founder of XRP Arrington recently said proper U.S. supervision framework were Reg D and Reg A. And he thought Reg D was a good way to sell functional or private tokens to public, and if people could have agree with him, it would be much better.
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    [Ofo team denied a rumor that they were preparing for the ICO] On 24th February, Xiaolai Li said OFo was preparing for ICO. Then some press tried to contact Ofo team for confirmation, while Ofo expressed that those Ofo ICO rumors coming from nowhere and the public relation team of Ofo said they did not involved in the blockchain.
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    [Annual report from Bank of America: cryptocurrencies are factors to challenge their business] The biggest commercial bank in US, Bank of America mentioned cryptocurrencies as a risk factor in their annual report 10-K. It said that public enthusiasm on cryptocurrencies have been a threat to Bank of American’s business, and it might influence their benefits and income level.
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    [US SEC called and stopped more than 10 ICO projects. ] Robert Cohen, the head of Internet Enforcement department of US SEC said, they recently called and stopped more than 10 startups to raise money from investors for their ICO plans. And these calls from SEC made startups realize that their products might be against Federal laws.
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    [Bitmain obtained 3-billion dollar profits from its main business] According to the report from Bernstein Data, Bitmain, the huge China mining company obtained over 3-billion dollar benefits from its main business in just 4 years. The profit which can only be obtained by other big tech companies for 20 years.
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    [Ubisoft has been attempting to explore cases of blockchain applications] French video game developer Ubisoft has been attempting to explore cases of blockchain potential applications in their invention lab, where they focused on researching new techs and cases. Lab’s director Lidwine Sauer said Ubisoft had huge interest in solely developing the digital products.
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    [Polish Treasure Department denied it had any interest into accepting Petro to sell food and medicine to Venezuela]TeleSur who is a news publisher supported by Venezuelan government reported Poland had interest into accepting Petro to sell food and medicine to Venezuela.But today Polish Treasure department denied it.
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    [Founder of Token Report: ICOs would not slow down in short term. ] According to the news from Wall Street Journal, the price of BTC and many other cryptocurrencies had dropped a lot since the historic high level last December, but it did not cool down the public enthusiasm on ICOs. The co-founder of Token Report which is a blockchain researching company said ICO projects have already financed 1.66 billion dollars this year.
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    [Titanium alarmed that 16 million BARs have been stolen] Titanium team alarmed to the investors that 16 million BARs were stolen from their wallet. Now, BAR had already ceased all its tradings, but no one knew whether each cryptocurrency exchange will obey this order.
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    [Coinbase sent IRS subpoenas to 13,000 clients]According to ETH news’ information, Coinbase sent IRS subpoenas to 13,000 clients, claiming that company had to deliver their certain information about their accounts. Coinbase wished to do so in the next three weeks, because those clients who did not report their benefits would have to pay tax.
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    [Bill on the table for voting in Georgia: allow residents to use BTC to pay tax]A Bill,named 464 act was on the table for voting in Georgia state,which would allow residents to use BTC to pay tax. This bill ruled that officials should take cryptocurrencies(not only BTC) as tax payment, and they should exchange cryptocurrencies into legal tenders in 24 hours after getting them, then transfer those dollars to the taxpayers’ relevant accounts.
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    [In last 30 days, moguls tried to invest good blockchain projects from 16 projects. ]In this January, investors boosted up to invest in blockchain area. According to YiOu’s incomplete statistics, in January 2018, there were 16 blockchain projects, including blockchain tech application projects and Cryptocurrency capital management projects.Both of them were popular among investors.
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    [The low electricity price in Oregon attracted many digital currency miners] According to Bitcoin.com, The low hydroelectricity price in Oregon attracted many digital currency miners. Now, there are approximately 12 mining project in Oregon. The advisory of Portland General Electric McCullough thought Oregon can become the global digital currency mining center.
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    [Bank of China applied for a blockchain based data compression Patent] According to Bianews, as the patent application documentation from State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C showed, Bank of China applied for a blockchain based data compression Patent on 27th September (26th September ETS) last year. The patent was a kind of blockchain based data compression system which can relief the shortage of blockchain data storage. Bank of China has cooperated with Tencent on the blockchain and the patent has still been under examination.
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    [the monthly salary of blockchain position on Mi reached 30000 yuan(4737.17 dollars) ] As the position recruiting information indicates, Mi which is a famous mobile phone and electronics manufacture is recruiting senior blockchain engineering developer and blockchain specialist. The monthly salary of these blockchain positions reach 30000 yuan(4737.17 dollars).
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    [Indian digital currency trading platform Zebpay twittered it added the ETH transactions] As its official website suggested, Ethereum is an Intelligent contract distribution platform which operates stable and it is highly unlikely to shut down, under investigation and disrupted by the third party. It created a new ecosystem just three years after its establishment.
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    [A Chinese hospital was hacked by bitcoin ransomware] According to Bianews, the medical electronic system of Hunan Children’s hospital collapsed at 7AM Beijing time today(6PM ETS 23rd February) . It was claimed that all documents were encrypted and was required to pay one bitcoin for recovery. The official indicated the system still under repairing and did not certain the bitcoin ransomware.

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