10/29/2018    Monday 
  • 04:35

    [Updates| Sources said that Coinbase cut at Least 15 Jobs]American cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase had cut at least fifteen staff after hiring 250 this year, Yahoo Finance quoted unidentified sources as saying on Friday, Oct. 26th.
  • 04:30

    [Market| Monero (XMR) went stable as fees went down]XMR had been untypically stable over the last couple of days. Monero’s most recent hard fork happened on Oct 18th, one week ago. This update had given Monero’s blockchain a huge advantage in terms of cost as transactions fees had become lower, almost insignificant.
  • 04:27

    [Updates| Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp was acquired in latest cryptocurrency deal]Bitstamp, a Luxembourg-based Bitcoin exchange, had been acquired, the company said Monday. The buyer was NXMH, a private equity and investment firm based in Brussels that also owns Korbit, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the purchase price was rumored to be around US$400 million.
  • 04:23

    [Policy| China started the first attempt to regulate the crypto industry]Last week, the Cybersecurity Administration of China published a draft of new regulations for the blockchain industry. It would be the first attempt to regulate the crypto industry in China.
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    [Updates| American cleaning supplies firm would open Blockchain rewards-based recycling centers in Indonesia]American manufacturer of household cleaning supplies SC Johnson and environmental organization Plastic Bank would open several plastic recycling centers in Indonesia, offering locals tokens for waste collection, according to a press release published on Sunday, Oct. 28th.
  • 04:12

    [People| UK: New report warned over ‘bad’ government cryptocurrency regulation]British businesses and analysts had hit back at government plans to regulate cryptocurrencies and related technology, describing them as a “blunt instrument approach,” British daily news outlet the Telegraph reported on Monday, Oct. 29th.
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    [Policy| Canada Border Services Agency, Port of Montreal mulled Blockchain shipping solutions]Two of Canada’s government-owned structures, the federal Border Services Agency and the Port of Montreal Authority had joined TradeLens, the joint blockchain shipping platform of IBM and Maersk. CBSA and MPA revealed separately on Thursday their plans to analyze how distributed ledger technology could improve their services.
  • 04:03

    [Announcement| OKEx ceased support for over 50 crypto pairs]Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange OKex had announced the imminent delisting of 58 trading pairs, which had failed to meet the platform’s performance standards.
  • 03:56

    [Announcement| New Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) projected to bring Bitcoin to Ethereum Blockchain]Cryptocurrency custody company BitGo and decentralized exchange startups Kyber Network and Republic Protocol had announced the planned launch of a fully-backed Bitcoin ERC20 token on the Ethereum ecosystem. Dubbed Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) was scheduled to launch in January 2019, the new token would be backed by Bitcoin on a 1:1 ratio, the three founding companies revealed in a joint press release on Friday.
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    [Voice| CEO said that Cryptos was not a threat to VISA]CEO of Visa Al Kelly said that the cryptocurrency market was not a threat to his financial services company, at least in the short term. However, he told CNBC that Visa was ready to turn to crypto-oriented systems if or when the crypto space was mature enough.
  • 03:44

    [Voice| Zhao Changpeng: Crypto Exchange Ranks should add the rank of cold wallet storage]Zhao Changpeng forwarded a tweet from Crypto Exchange Ranks, which provided cryptocurrency exchange ranking services, and said that Crypto Exchange Ranks should make a ranking of the exchange's cold wallet storage. It was not easy to forge, and it would make more sense than the volume of transactions.
  • 03:16

    [Analysis| At-home Bitcoin mining was no longer profitable]According to unhashed reports, from the energy statistics obtained by Digiconomist, EOS used very little energy compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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    [Market| Updates of ADA on Okcoin platform]Cointime showed that according to the Okcoin.com, at 18:09 Beijing time October 27th, the price of ADA is of 0.0721 dollars. The volume in the 24 hour was of 1632.
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    [Updates| Canadian digital currency exchange MapleChange was offline]According to CCN, MapleChange, a digital currency exchange in Alberta, Canada, had gone offline. The exchange said that due to bugs, it could only end its business but could not return any money.
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    [Market| Updates of USDT on Okcoin platform]Cointime showed that according to the Okcoin.com, at 18:04 Beijing time October 27th, the price of USDT is of 0.9757 dollars. The volume in the 24 hour was of 0.
  • 03:04

    [Updates| Co-Founder of Ripple invested digital currency platform Elixxir]According to coincryptorama, Co-Founder of Ripple Chris Larsen invested the digital currency platform Elixxir and said that David Chaum had been the defender of digital world privacy.
  • 02:59

    [Market| Updates of BCH on Okcoin platform]Cointime showed that according to the Okcoin.com, at 17:57 Beijing time October 27th, the price of BCH is of 434.05 dollars. The volume in the 24 hour was of 60.
  • 02:56

    [Updates| Media: CEO of Tesla Musk might cooperate with a blockchain company][Media: CEO of Tesla Musk might cooperate with a blockchain company] According to Blokt, there had been rumors recently that a little-known blockchain technology company in Nevada, Blockchains LLC announced that it was working with CEO of Tesla to built a pilot smart city project in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC), the largest industrial park in the United States.
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    [Market| Updates of ETC on Okcoin platform]Cointime showed that according to the Okcoin.com, at 17:52 Beijing time October 27th, the price of ETC is of 9.47 dollars. The volume in the 24 hour was of 2058.
  • 02:53

    [Policy| Liberia planned to issue national digital currency Merit]According to bitcoinnews, Liberia President Vit Jedlicka planned to implement a digital currency issued by the country called Merit, and he expected digital currency would surpass the entire banking industry in the next 10 to 15 years.

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