Nutopia pre-release Presented in Los Angeles and Warmly Embraced by Hollywood Filmmakers

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Introduction Los Angeles, April 16, 2019, Nutopia, a revolutionary blockchain powered entertainment financing platform, pre-release presented at the UCLA Venture Accelerator conference room.

Los Angeles, April 16, 2019, the UCLA Venture Accelerator conference room was packed full of entertainment industry professionals enthusiastically listening to a pre-release presentation of Nutopia, a revolutionary blockchain powered entertainment financing platform.  Attendees included known actors, directors, and producers, as well as household names in the tech and blockchain space.

The program was highlighted by an explanation of blockchain from cryptocurrency financing pioneer, Jeffrey Wernick who said “Blockchain is the ledger that keeps track of everything…there is no longer any arguments about how much a film really made or anybody's contribution because the ledger is recording everybody's contribution.”

In support of Wernicks remarks, company founder and CEO, June Chu, says, “The vision of Nutopia is to create an entertainment ecosystem where creativity and love of the art can easily traverse barriers to entry and where creators can efficiently raise capital to realize their vision.”  This resonated with multiple attendees, many of whom at one point or another have been barred from making their film for financial reasons.

Nutopia's power rests heavily in its tokenization of entertainment IP, or breaking assets down into cryptocurrency sized shares.  At the event, Wernick explained that, “What we can get from beginning to think about tokenizing [IP] is that we change our relationship to each other.  Everybody is a partner, everybody is a peer…we have a consensus mechanism of how collectively we make decisions.”

After the presentation, guests followed Nutopia on social media, took photographs with Wernick, Chu, and other company principles, and applied for their projects to be listed on the NuMarket, the platforms fully functional marketplace that has built in promotional tools.Nutopia officially launches in May of this year.  In the meantime, content creators and IP owners can apply for their project to be listed on the NuMarket at


Nutopia IO is a Singapore registered foundation that has holdings in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Tokyo.  Nutopia is powered by blockchain technology and has its own cryptocurrency token and exchange, which allow for quick processing and cross functionality.  With plans to open up production and distribution arms, Nutopia aims to establish an online ecosystem that will resemble a studio with the goal of mass-producing content while easily and efficiently helping independent artists realize their vision.

Nutopia’s beta version of the site, which is open to project applications, has just launched and can be accessed at  The official site will have its soft launch in May of this year, with the official launch on July 14, 2019.


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