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On Wednesday, December 5th, over 200 blockchain community members convened to celebrate collaborative innovation at the Blockchain Holiday Party and Block Space Launch in Palo Alto. The theme of the evening was "The top trends and predictions for 2019: hot, uncertain or hype?”

The event officially launched Block Space, a blockchain-focused incubator co-hosted by Bitrue, a rapidly growth cryptocurrency exchange, with the mission of supporting the development of early stage blockchain startups.

Block Space already houses a number of successful startups, among which Bitrue itself is the most successful one so far. Block Space plans to expand substantially in the next few years. As part of the initiative, startups will be provided with powerful resources and mentors.

Event Highlights

The event was attended by experts, influencers and investors from the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, including industry heavyweights:

Emi Yoshikawa, Senior Director at Ripple
Andrew Yang, COO of BlockFuse, Litecoin Evangelist & author of “Understanding Litecoin” Kerry Washington, Lead Mobile Developer and Partnerships at the Litecoin Foundation Robert Neivert, 500 StartUps Blockchain Venture Partner
Radhika Iyengar-Emens, Founding Partner of StarChain Ventures
Qi Zhou, Founder and CEO of Quark Chain
Franklin Urteaga, Founder at OIGETIT

Emi Yoshikawa, Senior Director at Ripple, gave the opening speech at the event and was also featured on the panel. She shared with the audience that XRP’s daily trading.

1. Emi Yoshikawa, What’s New For Ripple?


volume grew from 1 million dollars to around 1 billion dollars. Ripple has connected with around 200 partners globally to facilitate cross-border payments services!

2. Bitrue Surpassed Poloniex & Bittrex In XRP Daily Trading Volume

Curis Wang, CEO of Bitrue, shared at in his presentation “Driving Liquidity In The Market” that Bitrue surpassed Poloniex & Bittrex in XRP daily trading volume based on the data from XRP Chart. It is widely embraced by the XRP community as a strong sign of growing against the bearish market and hard work from the Bitrue team. Bitrue now trades 2% of the total XRP trading volume each day.



3. Kerry Washington, What’s next for Litecoin?

Kerry Washington gave a presentation about Litecoin. He shared with the audience what happened with Litecoin this past year and some the goals of the Litecoin Foundation for 2019, which is to increase the liquidity by 90% and adding mainstream retail partners to accept Litecoin as a form of payment.


Bitrue’s Power Piggy allows investors to deposit their stable coins into the Bitrue exchange with the potential to earning up to 8% APY interest. To qualify for this investment opportunity, you need only to deposit or purchase a minimum of $55 USD worth of stable coins and leave them on the Bitrue exchange. Investment time frame can be as short as 14 days. Earning will be calculated on a daily basis. To find more details about the product:

4. Bitrue Big Announcement, A Stablecoin-based Low-risk Investment Tool called Power Piggy


The decision on launching this new investment product has been driven by the desire and commitment Bitrue has long held: to benefit and give back to its customers as well as a wider community members. Any trading is risky in this extremely volatile market, plus the complexity added by this bearish market. There’s huge demand on low-risk investment alternatives in the cryptocurrency space, and Bitrue wants to be the first one to offer such product.

The event also welcomed a group of famous investors and startups. Investors included: Robert Neivert from 500 Startups, Ashutosh Pande from TheFabric, Franklin Urteaga, former White House Tech Policy Advisor, Norman Liang, WI Harper Investment and a few more.Panel Discussion & Demo Pitches

The panel of experts, moderated by Radhika Iyengar-Emens, included Qi Zhou, Robert Neivert, Curis Wang, Emi Yoshikawa and Andrew Yang, gave their predictions for 2019, a topic on every attendee’s mind. Robert Neivert shared some of his insights: “We expect a shift from hype to product. The price drop that we are seeing lately is actually healthy for the market, because it ensures that projects will make great products that offer real value, as opposed to just trying to make a quick buck.”


10 promising blockchain startup ventures gave their pitches as well as hands-on demonstrations to institutional investors at the event. Curis Wang said, “I was amazed by the level of technology and performance of these young startups. They certainly have the skills and motivation. With the right resources and support, I have no doubt they will find success within the blockchain industry.” Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder of Clever Moe is pictured giving his pitch to investors at the event.(Featured in Photo: Valerie Min, Radhika Iyengar-Emens, Qi Zhou, Robert Neivert, Curis Wang, Emi Yoshikawa, Andrew Yang and Jorden Woods)




Bitrue is a safe and convenient cryptocurrency exchange and the most secure and advanced online platform for buying, selling, transferring and storing digital currency. Bitrue has offices across the globe and a growing number of partners. Bitrue’s technical and compliance experts perform an in-depth analysis of every cryptocurrency before it is listed on their trading platform. Bitrue features numerous trading pairs, and more coins and trading pairs are being added all the time. Bitrue offers a multi- threaded, high performance market order matching.

Block Spaceengine, a decentralized structure, an anti-DDOS protection system and an exceptional uptime record. Bitrue moves seamlessly across devices. Every device has access to Bitrue’s trading platforms, accounts and support. Bitrue can process 10,000 orders in a second and has no expiry dates.

Block Space: is a blockchain and crypto community in the heart of Silicon Valley which accelerates innovation through an incubator program for promising blockchain technology startups. Block Space provides mentorship, venture capital investment opportunities, a beautiful workspace with many amenities and all necessary office equipment and infrastructure to enable and accelerate growth. Block Space has established meaningful partnerships, built a network of industry experts and regularly hosts investment seminars, networking and pitch

events to help blockchain startups thrive. To learn more about Block Space or join the incubator program, go to:

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