SV Insight Officially Published Global Blockchain Insights Report by Analyzing Data Over 5,000 ICOs


[San Mateo, California] - November 6th, 2018 - SV Insight published its first product since its brand upgrade: a report titled Global Blockchain Industrial Insights: Data, Policy, and Industrial Applications. The report compared blockchain projects around the world from various aspects.

SV Insight’s report analyzed the ICO financing of global blockchain projects from June 1, 2017, to May 31, 2018, by consolidating and analyzing data of over 5000 ICOs globally. In addition to the total number of financial events and amount, it also disclosed three analysis indicators designed by the research team to assess the macroscopic picture of blockchain industry: index of global ICO financing cycle, index of global ICO white paper sufficiency, and index of global ICO compliance level. The report showed that despite Europe having the highest number of financing events and Asia having the best compliance measures and detailed white papers, North American projects had the shortest financing cycle and highest amount of financing.

The report focused on the application of blockchain technology in the five major sectors of finance, healthcare, real estate, government services, and manufacturing. It compared the similarities and differences between the application of blockchain technology in the US and China. Without a doubt, the financial sector has the most application of blockchain technology so far. Furthermore, the report reviewed the challenges faced in the blockchain application globally.

“SV Insight has recently gone through a brand upgrade, from as a tech media company that connected the Chinese and American technology sectors, to a full-service media property, focused on 3 business modules: media, industrial research, and tech events such as Silicon Valley’s well-known tech summit Blockchain Connect Conference.” said Peter Qin, co-founder and COO of SV Insight, “we take pride in being the creator of in-depth news content on technology, the researcher of insightful industry reports, and the organizer of cross-border conferences. It aims to provide the best service to its over 4 million subscribers over the entire network and other partners within the ecosystem. SV Insight will continue to produce more blockchain reports in the future.”

A more detailed version titled White paper of Blockchain Industrial trends in the U.S. and China will be released soon followed by the report. Next January, SV Insight will host the third Blockchain Connect Conference emphasizing on academic and technology revolution in the blockchain space. To download the Global Blockchain Insights Report, please visit

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