CoinTime × UC Berkeley: Blockchain and the top U.S. university are jointly creating “chemical reaction”

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Introduction The theme of the event will be “blockchain education, socialization, recruitment”

On October 4th, during the "San Francisco Blockchain Week", CoinTime will bring in blockchain knowledge and entrepreneurial opportunities together with well-known blockchain organizations to UC Berkeley.  This is the first time CoinTime and other famous public institutions enter the US higher education institution.   The theme of the event will be "blockchain education, socialization, recruitment". This event aims to explain the latest developments in cutting-edge technology and provide employment opportunities to students.

PIPd6PoiGYNGyJfgzyTrCmHxKrhbDQJad2s9IlZc.jpegWhat is Bitcoin and the principle behind it? Why is Bitcoin the biggest application of blockchain technology? What new opportunities will blockchain bring to startups? What is the investment strategy of the blockchain market?

The above questions will be the main topics of the event. In the keynote speeches, Q&A, roundtable discussions sections, well-known investment institutions, industry experts, project parties and students will interact with each other to discover a real, accurate and in-depth blockchain world. At the same time, the event provides a wealth of offline resource exchange opportunities. As the co-sponsor of the event, well-established investment institutions like NewDo Venture, NewStyle Capital, GDV, will provide direct and convenient access for newcomers who are interested in joining the blockchain industry. 

During the event, many famous blockchain projects will explain the concept and operation principle of blockchain to technical students, as well as provide recruitment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry; the investment institutions will talk about token economies and the business model innovation for business students; institutions like incubators will bring entrepreneurs with high-quality industry resources and entrepreneurial environment; Berkeley blockchain community will share campus resources and opportunities; CoinTime will introduce blockchain media services and blockchain ecosystems in the event, and also provide job opportunities for graduates.

Participants in the event include not only the college students but also the venture capital, media, developers, exchanges, incubators, and other blockchain participants. The event is expected to create a new "chemical reaction" for the blockchain industry.

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