Opera wallet users can now send CryptoKitties and other collectibles directly

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Opera now allows users to send crypto collections like CryptoKitties directly from their recently published browser crypto wallet.


Opera stated in a blog post that the feature is the industry's first, although other wallets, including MetaMask, do offer support for encrypted collections.

It wrote:

"We believe that as an increasing portion of our lives moves online, so will our collections of things."

Therefore, beta-stage wallet users can send their encrypted collections to others. Prior to this, users need to transfer ownership through digital market and exchange trading.

The Opera team said that the trend of encrypting collectibles is “just beginning”. As technology develops and user-friendliness increases, online services like games will increasingly adopt this service.

Encrypted collectible transactions like CryptoKitties are implemented through the Ethereum ERC-721 standard for non-replaceable tokens, which allows each token to have a specific attribute that is different from other tokens.

In the statement, Opera said that these non-replaceable tokens can also be used to "unlock content access or verify the eligibility of certain digital services."

Opera also announced that it is expanding its private beta of its wallet to more users through online registration.

In addition, the wallet will soon provide transaction notifications, monitor user transactions and inform them of status and completion time. The same applies to users who receive payments, tokens (the wallet also supports the ERC-20 standard) or collectibles.

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