Reimagine the future of blockchain: Dragonchain toreveal 7 new products

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Bellevue, WA - September 6, 2018 - Blockchain solution provider Dragonchain is set to announce 7 entirely new products at the Blockchain Seattle Conference on September 10-11th. These unique, innovative products signal to businesses and developers alike that Dragonchain is prepared to solve the transparency, security, and scalability issues that have weighed down/held back the blockchain space.


Joe Roets, Founder and CEO of Dragonchain, has over 20 years of experience in building software architecture and a long-running commitment to security and scalability. Dragonchain offers true, enterprise-grade, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). Dragonchain has released a fully-functional commercial platform, moving out of the alpha phase and into a production-ready service within the course of a year. Led by a team of highly respected figures in the industry, Dragonchain continues to tackle the greatest barriers to blockchain adoption through their commitment to building the most flexible and secure platform real businesses can utilize.


“Given the technology is still in its early stages, there is still a lot of potential for people to transform their industry with blockchain. There is a lot of talent and great ideas out there, but also some hesitation towards getting into the space.” said Joe Roets, CEO of Dragonchain. “Our vision for Dragonchain is solving the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption for enterprises and businesses.”


Takara: Price Stabilization for Enterprise Adoption (Launch)

Takara is a direct marketplace smart contract, designed to isolate the volatility and manipulation of small and illiquid secondary exchanges. It gives enterprises, developers, and those that wish to utilize the Dragonchain platform the ability to purchase directly from token holders, ignoring secondary markets altogether. Through Takara, business no longer need to consider complex accounting or the lack of liquidity on secondary exchanges. It establishes an adoption-based price, stabilized for a month at a time, and synchronized with monthly account reconciliation.


DragonNet: Network Consensus Marketplace (Launch)

With DragonNet, the need for a mainnet is eliminated entirely. DragonNet is a network marketplace matchmaker system that matches provisioned nodes with businesses needing transaction verifications on a distributed ledger. Users determine their verification costs and needs and are matched with node provisioners based on several variables. Consensus-mode-wise clients are forced to go through the entire spectrum of trust.


DragonDen: Social Media Blockchain Application (Beta Launch)

In order to maintain an open and trustworthy network, it is essential to combat fake stories and disinformation. DragonDen is a crypto-aware social media forum where users can stop the circulation of unsourced news stories, enforce community standards, and incentivize quality content through a cryptocurrency reward system. The beta version of DragonDen will first be available to the Dragonchain community and will open to the general public once it moves out of the beta phase. It’s an actual blockchain application that reimagines of “community” as we know it.


DragonFactor: GDPR Compliant Identity Solution (Q4 2018 Release)

DragonFactor is an identity service for blockchain applications. It deploys a decentralized authentication model, which allows users to own their data and control who has access to it. DragonFactor incorporates risk-based determinants from third parties to provide additional information to make decisions; for example, transactions above a certain amount will only be conducted by a customer that has been verified through a Know Your Customer (KYC) service. This verification of identity is done entirely without retaining any sensitive personally identifiable information.


Marketplace: One-stop Shop for Anyone (Q4 2018 Beta Release)

The Dragonchain Marketplace is a one-stop shop for anyone to connect with verified subject matter experts across a variety of disciplines, including crypto, marketing, legal, software development and recruiting. The beta version of the Marketplace will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2018. Within the Marketplace, you'll find an expansive library of pre-built smart contracts, monetized by developers for reuse, and other resources to help businesses scale and grow. Each smart contract must be vetted by our Certified Professionals in order to be in the marketplace, ensuring a secure and reliable selection of products.


Dragonscale: Blockchain Resources, Incubators, and Startup Funds Network (Q1 2019 Release)

To support economic growth and development, Dragonscale connects blockchain businesses with the investors, resources, and service providers they need to be successful.


DDSS: Avoid Time Manipulation (Q2 2019 Release)

Time is easily to be manipulated. The Dragon token is a Tokenized Micro-License used to interact with the Dragonchain Commercial Platform and related services. A Dragon Days of Slumber Score (DDSS) takes into account both the Dragon balance and length of time each Dragon is held. Within the Dragonchain ecosystem, DDSS is used to leverage the users’ proof of time across products internally and externally to prevent time manipulation.


To experience how simple and flexible blockchain can be, you can find out more at and contact to schedule a demo today!


About Dragonchain, Inc.

Dragonchain gives enterprise the opportunity to leverage a powerful tool by offering Blockchain as a Service. It simplifies the integration of real business applications on a blockchain and provides easy integration, protection of business data and operations, currency agnosticism, and multi-currency support. Dragonchain also provides professional services to buildout development and create successful tokenization ecosystems with long-term value, utilizing an incubation model.


Dragonchain Media Contact:

Zara Huang

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