3 reasons why your business should be represented at Blockchain Seattle

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You may still be deliberating on whether or not you’ll attend Blockchain Seattle 2018, trying to decide if your business would be a good fit. Our co-founder, Chris Jones, wrote the following piece to address some of your doubts and explain what you could be missing out on.


Regardless of your industry, you’ve most likely heard about perplexing, yet innovative technology that is “blockchain”. You’ve most certainly read stories about people achieving great financial success with Bitcoin.


The buzz surrounding this disruptive technology is seemingly endless, but in reality, you still don’t totally grasp what blockchain actually is or what it can do. However, you are seeing more and more articles and news stories asserting that blockchain is poised to fundamentally change entire industries; ranging from finance, to supply chain, to healthcare, to insurance.

What about your industry? Could blockchain technology offer you a competitive advantage over your business rivals? Or worse; might your competitors already be exploring blockchain to gain a competitive advantage over you?


If you’ve asked yourself any of these vital questions, attending Blockchain Seattle 2018 is a business imperative.


Here are 3 reasons why your business should be represented at the region’s premier blockchain event:

1. Blockchain Seattle won’t concern itself with blockchain hype and speculation; instead, it will focus on real use cases and the strategy guiding those use cases. It’s likely your industry will be impacted by blockchain technology. Attend this event and learn from the business leaders who are already blazing a path with this new technology.

2. You have the opportunity to hear from key industry participants, like Amazon and Microsoft, on why they are investing so many resources into their blockchain products and how they see the blockchain industry evolving.

3. Blockchain Seattle is the premier blockchain event in the Pacific Northwest. You will be surrounded by industry experts and potential business partners who can help take your business to the next level now or in the near future.


Don’t miss Blockchain Seattleーyour opportunity to learn the ways blockchain can revolutionize the way you do business.


About Blockchain Seattle 

Blockchain Seattle was founded in 2016 and began as a meetup with the objective of educating and connecting the blockchain community. Now, anyone interested in blockchain can join the discussion of blockchain use cases, implementations, and future potential. The group has over 2,000 members and hosts regular meetups, often partnering with local blockchain companies. The inaugural Blockchain Seattle conference will feature five unique, area-specific tracks for participants to attend, based on their area of expertise or interest, as well as a Developer’s Academy. Find out more about the five tracks and the Developer’s Academy here.  


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