ICONIZ announces new incubation project

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Eric Yuan, SVP of Business Development of ICONIZ has shared his views on the industry landscape as well as the recent updates of the company.


ICONIZ is a blockchain accelerator program and investment fund based in Beijing and Los Angeles, California. The company has a portfolio of investing in successful startups. Under the recent bearish market, Eric Yuan stated:


“Although right now we are in bearish market, that’s just nature of this industry, and I don’t think there’s anything people should be worried about. The industry is still going to grow even more as time goes on. Although right now the price is much lower than people may have bought, the situation will change overtime.”


He also believes that anything in gaming and entertainment will gain massive adoption in the future and everything else, like the financial, legal, and IoT industries will follow suit.


In terms of the ICONIZ’s accelerator program, Eric revealed to Cointime that the team is now incubating a new project called NetCentric, which develops trading robots for cryptocurrencies.


“Basically, you will invest in certain trading models and build your own robots that would trade cryptocurrency markets, and it is similar as if you were invested in hedge fund, you invest in these trading robots. These customizable built trading robots can make you money from bull and bear markets as well as intraday or few hour time frames.”


Eric said that anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrency will greatly benefit from it.


“The advantage of the trading robot is that the robot does all the modeling and algorithmic trading for you, so you don’t have to worry about how to trade the market, you just buy into the robot.”


Eric believes that NetCentric will be very popular because of the volatility in the cryptocurrency market. The volatility in prices will allow best trading robot to get most attention and investment from NetCentric users. Anyone can also customize their own trading robot to fit a certain market sentiment without need to know how to program trading models.

NetCentric is committed to providing every ordinary investor with its own "quantitative trading platform". For more background information, visit NetCentric.


ICONIZ first started in the blockchain field in early December, 2017, but the founders and employees have been in the space for more than 5 years. As the SVP of Business Development of ICONIZ, Eric Yuan has been involved in bitcoin since January 2010.


For more information on ICONIZ, visit ICONIZ.io.

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