NextBlock blockchain meetup - building a global blockchain ecosystem

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At the NextBlock Blockchain Meetup, over 400 partners, investors and developers from top tier blockchain companies exchanged their opinions on the perspective of the blockchain industry. DFG representative proposed the NextBlock Blockchain Alliance, pushing for greater collaboration among blockchain companies around the world.

To many top minds in the blockchain industry, NextBlock meetup was the perfect last stop of their visit to the Silicon Valley during the Blockchain Week. The meetup was co-hosted by DFG, 8 decimal capital, Breyerlabs and DDC, with the generous support from Coinsuper, ZZ Ventures, Newdo Ventures and DoraHacks.


Besides representatives from renowned investment firms such as A16Z, NEA, Pantera, Greylock and DHVC, partners from China, Korea and Europe, namely Matrix, BlockWater and 1kx, also attended the event.


Founders from high-profile blockchain projects could also be spotted among the attendees. Hongfei Da, founder of NEO, Leo Wang, founder of PreAngel, Yingkai Xu, founder of BlockVC, as well as CEO of HBUS, co-founder of Bibox have joined the discussion, bringing fresh perspective and developer insight to the table.



There is a growing consensus among the guests that world-wide collaboration is crucial to push the industry forward.


Companies around the world have been ambitious in the pursuit of investing or building the next generation of Google or Uber on the blockchain. However, the blockchain ecosystem has experienced turmoil due to the recent crypto frenzy. It is time for the investors to keep a clear mind, and carefully leverage the resources on promising projects.


“Blockchain will a game changer for many traditional industries, but the technology is still in its infant stage” said Aily Meng, representative from DFG, “We need to give our full support for the developers, not for the sake of making a fortune on this novel technology, but for the belief that a more transparent and decentralized economy would benefit us all.”


With such hope, Meng announced the launch of the NextBlock Blockchain Alliance, calling for guests to build the next-generation cross-border blockchain ecosystem. The Alliance will join forces with renowned blockchain funds, projects, partners and communities, so as to support the development and flourish of the blockchain technology.

By uniting forces from investors and developers, the Alliance would be able to accelerate the ecosystem for blockchain technology and supporting platforms. The world-wide collaboration would potentially help blockchain startup reach a larger pool of resources, which will in turn benefit all stakeholders in the ecosystem.


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