HTC phones to integrate CryptoKitties and Crypto Wallet

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Leading mobile phone maker HTC has announced on Tuesday that it plans to embed the blockchain game -"CryptoKitties" into HTC devices. This Ethereum-based on blockchain game allows players to collect and even "sire" one-of-a-kind virtual cats.


The games are based on the blockchain principle. Blockchain technology is used in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The technology can also create a reliable digital file that records every transaction, which may help verify the identity of a priceless artifact or artwork, or can simply be used for games such as "CryptoKitties".

But what the interesting thing is, is that although HTC is the first major brand to release mobile phones based around blockchain technology, the announcement will make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hot.  But the HTC U12 Plus is not a crypto phone, it is a mass-market device.

The Finney phone launched by Sirin Labs and produced by Iphone’s manufacturer Foxconn is the first blockchain phone so far.

HTC stated that CryptoKitties will be the first DApp game based on blockchain technology that will be integrated onto their platform. The goal is to build up an ecosystem of blockchain-based apps for the related community.

The proprietary blockchain equipment of HTC Exodus will be available in the third quarter, but the date and price are yet to be announced. Exodus phones will have a cold storage wallet for the offline record and will also be a way to recover lost or damaged keys.

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