Nearly 1 million computers affected in cryptojacking case

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According to local news source, Legal Daily, nearly 1 million computers have allegedly been affected by a major Chinese cryptojacking case.


2o suspects have been arrested for attacking 1 million devices and producing 15 million yuan (roughly $2.2 million) illegally. These suspects have been accused of utilizing multitudes of computers’ processing powers to mine for cryptocurrencies without consent from the hardware owners.

It is said that the initial investigation, that began in January of this year, originated because the security team at Tencent actually notified the Weifang City Public Security Bureau that there were hidden mining codes embedded into free downloadable plugins. The coding was arranged to commence its mining capabilities  when it recognized that the CPU usage was at 50% or below.

According to local news reports, the developers were tracked to Qingzhou, where a specialized team formed by the Qingzhou Public Security Bureau undertook the case. After arresting one suspect in March, a company by the name of Dalian Shengping Network Technology was found to be somehow tied to the coding, which led to 16 more arrests.

Dalian Shengping Network Technology is said to have broadcast free downloads to 2.89 million users and attacked roughly half of those devices by embedding the cryptojacking coding into their plugins.

Currently, 11 of the 20 suspects are out on bail.

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