​Real Chain co-founder looking to revolutionize consumer goods

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Cointime spoke with Real Chain co-founder, David Zhang at Silicon Valley’s Genesis C.A.T. Global Meet Up to learn a bit more about Real Chain and what they aim to bring to the global blockchain market.


Zhang is not only the co-founder of Real Chain but also the director of the RealChain Foundation. Before joining the Real Chain team, Zhang graduated from the University of Maryland with a master’s degree in Computer Science and moved on to work for the logistics sector of the Department of Defense, eventually advancing onto work with Real Chain in 2017.

Real Chain acts as a blockchain protocol and database developed to locate counterfeit products. When hearing “counterfeit products”, people tend to think of fake purses and designer clothing but Real Chain is focusing on the products that can cause actual harm to one’s body. This includes consumables like baby formula, food and even cosmetics. Zhang states that, “Real Chain is aimed to build an ecosystem and community to provide authentication and verification for consumer goods,” he continues,

“What separates us from companies that are showcasing their projects is that we actually use artificial intelligence hardware. It’s a combination. It’s not just blockchain.”

While information is stored on the blockchain, Real Chain utilizes their AI device to act as a middleware and authenticate products. The device currently is a 3x3x3 cube with a magnetic lid. After 75-100 ml of product is poured into the device, it employs spectrometer technology to separate the particles into various different lights in order to break down ingredients.  

Currently, the biggest challenge in this process has been acquiring manufacturer and brand partners and Zhang wants to emphasize that this would not cost brands anything. They simply have to upload data onto the Real Chain smart contracts so that it can be saved onto the blockchain, allowing for users to easily authenticate their products.

Zhang states, “we really do care about baby formulas and medicines. A huge problem in china is with these ‘cancer medications’ that are based off nothing. People pay tens of thousands and these products delay their true treatment. These counterfeit products really effect people’s lives,” he continues “our goal is to eliminate, as much as possible, the circulation of these products on the market”

Partnerships with brands are currently in the works including collaborations with major cosmetics and liquor companies.

“This technology is the future and it is revolutionary,” said Zhang.

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