BOOSTO introduces Crypto Influence Chat

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BOOSTO is a decentralized app store co-founded by CEO, Heidi Yu that provides the framework, tools and libraries to help developers build decentralized apps (DApps). The team behind BOOSTO has the world most powerful influencer search engine that has nearly 350,000 social media influencers. In an interview with Cointime earlier this year, Yu stated,

"BOOSTO will be the substitute to centralized app stores. A decentralized app store not only cuts out the middle-man but gives transparency. Developers can use our framework protocol to build applications on our store. Influencers can put their own apps in our store and all transactions will be on the chain."


At the Genesis Community Asset Technology Global Meet Up in Silicon Valley held on June 28th, Yu caught up with Cointime and announced exciting new ventures for BOOSTO.

The DApp market has launched their Crypto Influence Chat (CI Chat), a messenger similar to telegram, that has the ability to send various types of tokens from one user to another. The chat will allow social media influencers to receive a form of “tip” that furthers the token driven ecosystem that BOOSTO aims to provide. Anyone can submit their public tokens for people to send. The CI Chat will serve as a type of wallet for each crypto influencer where they can receive tokens from both fans and upcoming projects alike allowing for this DApp to run as marketing exposure for influencers, projects and companies. Yu used a specific example indicating that projects would be able to send their tokens to a crypto influencer and that influencer would then be able to airdrop the tokens into each of their fan’s wallets as well.

The service currently works with a multitude of tokens and public chains with hundreds of influencers already accepting tokens and other 100,000 users utilizing the token delivering capabilities.

Yu states that the ultimate goal of BOOSTO “is to have the community be a free place so everybody can submit their project and can talk with crypto influencers,” she continues, “later we will add on a new section for crypto investors.”

The company is currently working with partners like BTC Media, Origin, A Chain and various exchanges but are also looking for more partners to team up with.

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