Node Capital, the Chinese blockchain giant, will invest 200,000 ETHs for the next unicorn in America

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(Cointime, June 28, 2018)– As the joint sponsor of Silicon Valley Block Chain Week, Node Capital is going to enter the North American Market to generate more blockchain unicorns.


Du Jun, Founding Partner of Node Capital

The Silicon Valley Block Chain Week was held from June 26th to June 27th at San Jose Convention Center. Node Capital held a media conference and  announced that they would enter North American market with 200,000 Ethereums (ETH) for blockchain investments.


Node Capital has invested more than 160 enterprises, and the number keeps growing rapidly. The portfolio of Node Capital encompassed projects from every corner of the blockchain ecosystem, including Exchanges, technology development and application, blockchain data mining and analysis, media and more. The invested projects include Huobi, Chainup, bitgogo, bitemple, B+, baic, gifto, Zipper, Jinse Finance, Coldlar, Fcoin, scry ,iost, Zilliqa, etc.


“80% of projects we invested were based in China since we were located in China. In the past 6 month, we had invested 150,000 ETHs in Chinese market. It's time for us to take another step forward. This time we are bringing 20,000 ETHs to the US market, and looking forward to cooperate and learn from the token fund who have started earlier than us to ensure a stable and healthy blockchain development environment.”

said Du Jun, the Founding Partner of Node Capital, the founder of Jinse Finance and the co-founder of Huobi.


Shi Xiangyu, the venture partner of Node Capital, explained that the distributions of 200,000 ETH will depend on the local advantages. For example, the blockchain technology, the exchanges and media will all be good opportunities.


In order to find the top technology talents, Node Capital is hosting five Hackathon in Los Angeles,New York, Toronto, Silicon Valley, and Chicago. The top one will get one Bitcoin (BTC) as reward, and the top three teams will have the opportunity to be invested by Node Capital.


Node Capital has launched a super investment alliance, along with the top token fund, to invest high-quality blockchain projects. The North American market is their main target.

Along with the media conference, the first token fund one-click management platform named Hotnode, invested by Node Capital also launched, which is used to improve the management of token fund. 



Node Capital is one of the world’s earliest venture capitals that focused on the investment of blockchain industry.

It has gradually connected with the node enterprises in the industry ecology and formed an open and synergistic ecological circle, which promoted healthy and stable development of the blockchain industry. 


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