Domain name SZ.COM was purchased for 1000 BTC

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Yesterday, domain name SZ.COM announced that it had been bought for the sky-high price of 1000BTC to establish an exchange. Today, some digital currency funds have obtained the whitepaper from SZ.COM. Among the investors, there are many distinguished guests.


Youcheng Capital

Youcheng Capital is a  newly established investment institution with a mysterious background. The biggest limited partner is the founder and president of Shanda Capital, Chen Tianqiao, who used to be the richest person in China. Shanda Capital is a global investment firm with a proven track record for pioneering, disrupting and transforming industries. It seems like the Chen lightning has joined the competition and layout of the digital currency exchange field.

796 Exchange
Another compelling investor is Zhu Rong. He is the founder of the world's first Bitcoin futures platform--796 Exchange. 796 created many records of the futures trading of the digital currency world:

  • The first exchange to disclose a cold wallet and verify assets with users mutually;

  • The first exchange gives bonuses in mining methods;

  • The first exchange with a money service license in Chinese region.

The 796's futures trading model has been leading the entire digital currency industry. Afterwards, OKEX and Huobi’s contract transactions all take reference of 796.

Despite investors, SZ.COM’s whitepaper also has many selling points that can be played in detail, such as 100% trading commissions, trading while mining and more all break through the conventions of current cryptocurrency exchanges.  Taking a word from the whitepaper: Number is the future.

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