Children’s program Sesame Street enters blockchain industry

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Nearly everyone is familiar with the outlandish, colorful characters from Sesame Street whether you watched the program or not. From teaching children simple life lessons like washing their hands before meals to teaching them not to discriminate against AIDS patients, Sesame Street is a widely known and reputable program around the world, but this time the children’s program is expanding into blockchain technology.


Cryptovest reported that the Sesame Street studio and Sesame Ventures have jointly invested $28 million into a company called Kano to help it expand their product line.

Kano is famous for providing DIY programming kits for children. The company's CEO Alex Klein stated that the funds will be used to extend the product to the blockchain field. Now, Kano wants to unlock the mystery of decentralized blockchain networks while teaching  children about blockchain programming.

When interviewed by CNBC, Klein said:

"You're going to see some product announcements from us in the next few months that will give you a sense of how we are evolving the creative computing system, both software and hardware."

Sesame Studio has shown that the team is always looking for ways to help children gain more knowledge. This time’s action seems to have a clear connection with that mission.

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