CryptoKitties’ daily active users declines 98.5%

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The popularity of collection-based blockchain game, CryptoKitties has been steadily declining. Currently the number of daily active users is only 244, which is 98.5% lower than its peak period.


CryptoKitties once claimed that "the future is meow". Everyone who entered the encrypted world six months ago certainly remembers the heat of CryptoKitties. The digital pets in the game are unique, meaning no two pets are identical. CryptoKitties allows players to breed their unique kittens and sell their offspring.

However, usership has changed dramatically, proving that no one really cares about CryptoKitties anymore, except genuine enthusiasts like Igor Barinov, who spent $140,000 to purchase Cat 127 in a cryptocurrency-themed art auction.

According to Bloxy's data, CryptoKitties has an average of fewer than 250 active users with a recent low of only 244 users on June 8th, which was a sharp drop compared to the 9,750 users during the game’s peak period. Not only that, this blockchain game blocked the Ethereum network and caused a lot of transaction delays at that time.

CryptoKitties was officially released on November 28, 2017. The first record was created on December 2, when the first cat, Genesis, was sold for 246.9255 ETHs (about 117,712 USD at the time).

A similar situation occured with the notable  Pokémon Go app. After it was released, it took the player to the streets to find the Pokémon that was integrated with the real world through Augmented Reality (AR). Although the application broke records with 45 million daily active users, most of them withdrew from the game after the inital craze had passed. Today there are only 5 million active users per day. Although the current numbers may not be as impressive as before, PokémonGo is still one of the most profitable smartphone applications.

CryptoKitties may not survive its current state. However, CryptoKitties are not useless, as observed in art auctions and recent charity events. Just a few days ago, a charity event named "Kitties For A Cause (K4C)" auctioned off a group of kittens and raised $15,000 for the Children's Hospital.

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