British National Archives to use blockchain technology in document sharing

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The National Archives(TNA) is the agency that records British official documents. Recently the archives has announced that it will try to use blockchain technology in document sharing. At present, TNA has reached a partnership with institutions like the University of Surrey and the Open Data Institute, to jointly launch a project called “Archangel”. The project aims to use blockchain technology to solve common problems in current file management.


Manager of digital preservation services at TNA, Alex Green, stated:

“How do we prove that the archive records you see today were hosted twenty years ago? How do we ensure that citizens can be trusted custodians of digital public records? To solve these problems, the Archangel project is exploring ways to prevent the data been tampered with or the data can still be considered a true record after been changed legally."

As the largest and most experienced archive in the world, TNA has undoubtedly become a pioneer in this field, and may even become the benchmark for the application of blockchain technology in the archive industry. The Archangel project hopes to expand this solution to more vertical industries with the assistance of TNA.

According to Green, the Archangel project will last for 18 months and has now been funded by the British Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which donates 800 million pounds in the fields of computation, materials science and data innovation every year.

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