TIP Blockchain - Get a piece of the $25 trillion you didn't know you had

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TIP is a blockchain project that will allow users to earn money while using cryptocurrency to buy coffee, chocolate bars and haircuts easier in real life.


Problems with our user data in the offline market

That piece of 25 trillion dollars in our pocket is not ours. Users walk around with a piece of it in their day-to-day life. The coffee, toilet paper, and nail salon services we buy are all a part of that 25 trillion dollar retail market. It tells a nuanced story of who we are. However, since there is no system to properly combine and incentivize the use of this data, the offline data market is severely outdated and fragmented. We are resistant to sharing data about our lives because we lack the choice and the incentives to do so.


The solution to this problem: TIP Blockchain

TIP is a project aimed to open the world to new ways of engaging with businesses in everyday transactions in the offline world. TIP does this by a decentralized ecosystem that allows users to easily use crypto in the real world and be incentivized to provide businesses with the nuanced data that will give merchants the ability to understand, attract, and acquire users in the offline world that’s never been possible before.


TIP does this in three ways:

  1. One-stop-shop platform where both users and businesses can easily transact in crypto without leaving the platform.

  2. Discovery blockchain where businesses can translate the offline transaction data of users into nuanced understanding that will find untapped ways of engaging in day-to-day transactions.

  3. Allow users to be compensated for sharing their data which further opens the ecosystem to richer and more nuanced data that hasn’t been accessible before

By creating a proper incentive-based ecosystem for users to share their offline data, TIP will discover countless ways where users and businesses can creatively interact with one another.

To help the real world use case of TIP, consider the following scenarios:

  • Marketing to high networth individuals - ABC Luxury decides they want to target high networth individuals so they find an app within TIP ecosystem where they can push their discount codes to people with over 100,000 TIP in their balance. This costs 10,000 TIP, which is divided between users who shared information on the balance in their wallet and developers who created the app to push the discount codes out. By incentivizing users to share more types of data that was not available before, we can open a whole new possibility into how marketers and businesses understand customers.

  • Just in Time Promotion - Garlam buys a bagel from ABC Bagel. As soon as this happens ABC Cream Cheese is notified that the user is in close proximity. ABC Cream Cheese sends a promotional discount for 30% off cream cheese at their store to get Garlam into the store.

  • Mass Targeting - A developer builds a DApp where you can see surge of pizza purchases in Area A between 12 PM - 2 PM. ABC Pizza purchases a promotion package using TS where for two weeks, between 12 PM - 2 PM, all the people in Area with history of buying pizza is given a 20% discount to ABC’s Pizza. The proceeds are divided among developers and users who participated.


There are 3 things that sets TIP apart from the competition:

  1. Token Model Tailored for Adoption - TIP’s incentive system that makes it attractive for users and vendors to constantly spend and be active on the platform

  2. Reducing Volatility via Dual Token Model - TIP’s dual token model that reduces volatility and allows users to easily use TIP in day-to-day transactions

  3. Discovery of Offline Data - TIP’s ecosystem that incentivizes users to share their transaction data and Creators to develop something that allows discovery of new ways users can interact with businesses

Partnerships and Product 

TIP has built strong partnerships with key players in the blockchain industry including Bancor, Coinfirm, Iagon, Trustroot, and more. In the coming months, TIP will be focusing on building exchange and vendor partnerships. TIP is currently building the mockup of their first phase product - A chat wallet that will make sending and receiving TIP drastically simpler compare to the existing processes by transforming long addresses into human readable usernames and creating a familiar chat interface where users can easily send and receive TIP. TIP plans to release the prototype in the coming August. After the public version of the app is released in October, TIP will complete the merchant-side user interface that will allow businesses to manage transactions. 

TIP Team

TIP's talented global roster of team includes:

  • John Warmann (Founder & CEO): John is a seasoned software developer and entrepreneur who has experience building multiple software startups before. He is also a blockchain developer with a in-depth knowledge about how to utilize blockchain technology for the pain-points of today's world.

  • Garlam Won (CSO): Born in Korea, Garlam built his career as an investment banker for JP Morgan and management consultant for Deloitte. He is an expert in taking small companies to the global market and a thought leader in the blockchain space, voicing out his viewpoint at major blockchain conferences in Asia, Europe and US.

  • Jasper Hellmann (Advisor): Jasper is a high-performance marketer, Co-Founder and CMO of decentralized mining solutions provider, Envion AG, which raised $100 million in their ICO.

  • David Sabo (Advisor): As the former head of global operations at decentralized VC platform, Cofound.it, David has experience helping blockchain startups successfully become high growth companies.

  • Jared Polites (Advisor): Jared is a Partner at Blockteam Ventures and a blockchain marketing advisor. He has worked with over 45 ICOs, raising over $300M. Some notable projects include Elastos and Patron. Previously, he led marketing/PR for Ardent Capital, a leading VC firm in Southeast Asia and incubator of aCommerce ($100M raised).

In the coming months, TIP will be meeting various investment and marketing partners to start establishing market recognition in the crypto world. TIP will be traveling all over the world on a roadshow to build communities and increase exposure of the project.

Garlam’s Email: garlam@tipblockchain.io

Whitepaper: Whitepaper Link 

Strategy Paper: Strategy Paper Link

Telegram (45,000 members and growing): t.me/TipBlockchain

Twitter: twitter.com/TipBlockchain

Instagram: instagram.com/tipblockchain/

Facebook: facebook.com/TipNetworkio

Medium: medium.com/tipblockchain

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/tip-blockchain-network

Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/TipBlockchain

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