Intiva Health, a medical professional career ecosystem enters blockchain market

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In collaboration with host and co-organizers, Nova One Club, Intiva Health, a career platform for medical professionals, announced the details of its token sale – the first of its kind to serve the licensed medical professional market.


The founder of Intiva Health, Alexander Candelario

Aiping Wang, the president of Chinese University Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California, was invited to visit the headquarters in Texas as an advisor. There, she learned about the related technologies and their products, as well as the entrepreneurial teams. She expressed,

“Intiva Health is the template of Blockchain project, for all the future blockchain projects may need to learn from Intiva Health.”

As a media partner, also participated in activities to learn about the application prospects based on blockchain technology and investment opportunities for the medical industry.

Alexander Candelario, the founder of Intiva Health explained that the Intiva Health Platform is an all-in-one solution to automate the burdensome tasks of credential and licensure management, continuing education, and discovering job opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Intiva Health's mission is to aid healthcare professionals throughout every step of their career while creating innovative, simple solutions that improve medical professionals' quality of life and the efficiency of the industry itself. Intiva Health provides healthcare professionals with a single place to manage their credentials, educational development, employment opportunities, secure messaging needs and more.

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