Fantasy Sports Platform Humbyl Launched an ICO Ceremony with NBA Stars

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Humbyl Coin (HBL), the world’s largest cryptocurrency created to engage global players with sports celebrity challenges on the decentralized fantasy sports platform. The mission is to revolutionize the online sports gaming industry to ensure a secure, fun and anonymous gaming experience for the global payers. It is committed to bringing this innovation all over the world by unifying the currency as a cryptocurrency they issue--Humbyl token. Recently, with celebrities from the NBA and WBO, Humbyl launched a grand ICO ceremony in Hollywood


The event was endorsed by the sports  and the business community, as well as the elites from different industries. With the participation of elites, the actual number of participants exceeded 200. Among them, there are celebrities such as Lakers player Kyle Kuzma, former Lakers NBA star Lamar Joseph Odom, the Chicago Bulls player Quincy Pondester, the President of  Forever21's Alex Ok, the general manager of Huaxing Capital, Charles Kim, and Fusion Fund's founder Zhang Hao.

Nate Llorando, the founder of Humbyl Coin, introduced the business model on the event.  The way how Humbyl coin connects fans around the world in the same sporting event platform through blockchain technology is to make the match quiz results fair, open and decentralized. He also gave brilliant opinions about current market about blockchain situation and related topic such as future development trends.


The advisor of Humbyl, Zhang Lu, who is also the founder of Fusion Fund and Forbes 30 under 30, said:

"One of the success factors of a crypto company is based on the timeline. That represennts if the project has a good team and technology to attract enough funds to proceed to next step. With only three months, Humbyl built up a perfect platform. We gain high credibility and popularity from our sports celebrity investors and partners." 

How does the Humbyl mobile APP work?

Humbyl’s  fantasy sports platform allows holders of Humbyl Token(HBL) to explore new and exciting games in which they can predict a winner from selected categories. For example,  Humbyl will host contents that allow users to predict with NBA players will score the most points on any given game day, which MLB team will hit the most homeruns and more. In these contests, the users who correctly predict the winning player or team will win the pot from that category. 

If you missed this event, but find interest in Humbyl coin, please visit to learn more, and follow InstagramFacebookTwitter and Telegram @humbylcoin for further information and updates. 

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