Japan's First Real Estate Listed Company Announced to Conduct Overseas ICO

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On May 22, 2018, Ruden Holdings, Japan's first real estate listed company, announced in Tokyo that it will conduct overseas ICOs. Its in-depth partner Blockchain Global, an Australia's blockchain group, will provide a full range of services, including technical services for overseas ICOs and data-linking, subject to the requirements of the Japan Financial Services Agency.


According to the requirements of the Japan Financial Services Agency, Japanese listed companies must meet certain conditions for conducting ICO overseas. One of them is that the Token issued during the ICO process must conduct a currency transaction before selecting an exchange. This time Ruden Holdings selected the Canadian exchange ccxcanada.com. According to Jinse.com, the ccxcanada.com exchange is also an Australian blockchain group, Blockchain Global, which owns 75% of the stock exchange. This also means that there will be a full cooperation between Ruden Holdings and Blockchain Global from ICO to using token to purchase property.


Blockchain Global will help Ruden Holdings solve the problems encountered in the process of data chaining, commit to improving the efficiency of real estate transactions, and let every transaction can not be tampered with. Thus, it truly changes the redundancy and long-term status of Japan's renting and buying houses. It is reported that at present, most of the real estate field contracts in Japan are written in the form of handwriting. This traditional way of recording clearly needs to be changed. Ruden Holdings will use smart contract technology to optimize real estate transactions in the future, which is more compatible with Japan's current personal credit investigation mechanism. In this process, the data will be desensitized and data values will be exchanged without exchanging data.


The action of Ruden Holdings in the blockchain field will enable global citizens to purchase Japanese properties, and rely on the company’s own rich real estate experience, so that customers from all over the world will have the opportunity to obtain a higher return, greater appreciation of the property .


Ruden Holdings is a well-known investment real estate company in the Japanese industry. It was listed on JASDAQ in Japan in 2005. Its president, Mr. Nishioka, is the industry leader who first designed investment real estate business models.


Blockchain Global was founded in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. The company focuses on industrial layout. Over the past four years, it has invested and incubated more than 60 blockchain technology start-ups and projects, with a cumulative investment of over US$200 million.


Blockchain Global has strong assets, holding a number of NASDAQ and ASX listed companies, focusing on the combination of traditional listed companies and blockchain technology. Its holding company DigitalX(ASX:DCC) is the world’s first blockchain listed company. It is also the world’s first company to complete equity acquisitions with cryptocurrencies (bitcoins). At the same time, it wholly owns ACX.IO, Australia’s largest digital asset trading platform.


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