Huobi China to Launch Blockchain Institute in Hainan and Helps to Land Blockchain Technology Applications

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Cointime (May 15th) — Shortly after the news release of the Hainan Free Trade Port in China, Huobi labs and the Tianya community reached a partnership to build a "Global Cultural and Creative Blockchain Lab" in Hainan.


The Huobi official said that Huobi would complete construction of Hainan’s headquarters in 2018 and initiates a billion-dollar global blockchain industry fund.


This time Huobi entered Hainan in a cooperative way and had in-depth cooperation with the old Tianya community. On the one hand, Huobi relies on the influence of the Tianya community in Hainan to expand the Huobi business in Hainan. On the other hand, Huobi hopes to complete its five constructive plans in line with the mission of the Hainan Special Administrative Region:


1. The Chinese headquarters of the Huobi will be relocated to Hainan and settled in Hainan Ecological Software Park.

2. Initiate a $1 billion global blockchain industry fund.

3. Collaborate with the world's top industry companies to build 10 global blockchains + laboratories.

4. Jointly build a global top blockchain research institute with the world's top universities.

5. Build a 40,000 square meter blockchain incubator.


In addition, Hainan will also prepare the first non-profit cutting-edge research institute focusing on blockchain technology. After its establishment, the institute will have a global blockchain innovation fund, a blockchain laboratory, and a blockchain innovation talent-training center, an incubation park and industry summit forum.

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