Orbs raises $118 million to fund development of blockchain platform for large-scale consumer applications

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Today, at Consensus 2018, Orbs, the blockchain platform built for large-scale consumer applications, announced it has already raised more than $118 million to fund the development and launch of the Orbs platform, which it will bring to market in June.


Orbs' goal is to commoditize blockchain infrastructure for large scale consumer applications. Orbs is building a fully decentralized public platform that makes the transition to blockchain easier for the industry as a whole. The platform is specially designed to meet the needs of large scale consumer applications, with a core product experience inspired by well-established infrastructure solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and familiar terminology like Service Level Agreements (SLA) and dedicated resources. 

"The positive reception of our project is a sign of the confidence our partners have in Orbs, and the demand for a specialized blockchain which can transform the consumer applications marketplace," 

said Uriel Peled, co-founder of Orbs. 

"The consumer applications marketplace is ripe for disruption. Orbs has the unique background and insights to design a blockchain for the specific needs of large consumer application developers."

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