SharesPost Announces ATS Approval for Secondary Trading of Security Tokens

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On Monday in San Francisco, SharesPost announced that it has obtained the necessary approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the financial industry to regulate its alternative trading system (ATS) to facilitate the second transaction of digital security tokens. This will enable the company to allow ICOs and investors to trade digital securities on the SharesPost Marketplace in accordance with the provisions of the U.S. Securities Act.


SharesPost CEO Greg Brogger said:

"This is a landmark moment for SharesPost. This regulatory approval makes SharesPost Financial Corp. one of the first online marketplaces the SEC has approved to support trading of security tokens. We are excited to soon be afraid of the more more than 50,000 accredited investors registered on the SharesPost platform, who have been investing in leading private technology companies for years, to now also participate in the emerging tokenized securities asset class."

SharesPost has been a pioneer in private capital markets for the past 10 years. Since private companies choose to keep their private space longer, SharesPost has created an online securities market to provide them with liquidity. Now, SharesPost is combining other regulatory approvals with its approved unregistered securities trading technology and expertise to create new opportunities for its customers. In addition to second-hand transactions, the platform will soon enable investors to manage digital assets in SharesPost's private brokerage account and receive investment research and transaction data from leading token issuers.

John Wu, CEO of SharesPost Digital Securities, stated:

"The progression from the traditional private placement approach to financing startups to innovative, blockchain driven platforms is happening faster than financial and regulatory communties could have anticipated," said John Wu, CEO of SharesPost Digital Securities. "Our clients let us know they wanted to Invest in many of the new technologies and disruptive business models funded by ICO's and to be able to trade their coins and tokens. We are pleased to have taken a major step forward in making that a reality."

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