DeepBrain Chain Announced Global AI Global Mining Workstations Pre-Order Plan


I. Regarding DeepBrain Chain AI Mining Workstations

High computing cost, especially GPU, has become an obstacle to the development of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. If AI companies want to continue to train more accurate models, they need large amount of data and must acquire large computing power, which can be extremely costly.


The DeepBrain Chain ecosystem utilizes blockchain technology to integrate the globally distributed computing resources while providing customized, decentralized and dynamic services based purely on the needs of AI companies. Miners who provide AI computing can earn public traded DBC altcoins as rewards.


The pre-order of DeepBrain Chain AI Mining Workstations is the first strategic milestone of DeepBrain Chain’s blockchain-based AI global platform and ecosystem, establishing a strong foundation for the upcoming releases of the data market, AI model market, AI application market, enabling AI companies and users to share computing power, data, and models efficiently and securely. It significantly reduces AI development costs (approximately 70%) as well as drastically reduce AI application and product development time (from several months to weeks or even days). DeepBrain Chain aims to become the “Uber of AI computing”.


DeepBrain Chain AI Global Mining Workstation is an integral part of the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem. For our users, entering the DeepBrain Chain network and perform “mining” through our workstations allows them to train AI models at a much lower cost while earning profits via DBC. For DeepBrain Chain ecosystem, Gathering the scattered computing resources within the blockchain network not only help AI companies save computing costs but also increase the ecological value of DeepBrain Chain, ultimately maximize mutual benefits for all parties involved. Through DeepBrain Chain, AI companies can reach more customers, reduce the cost of data, computing power, and models, while receiving more benefits by providing services.


II. The different types of AI Mining Workstations that DeepBrain Chain 

The different types of AI Mining Workstations that DeepBrain Chain offers (the pricing for AI Mining Workstations, AI training, and mining revenue will change based on GPU, storage, and speed. The team at DeepBrain Chain will define a Benchmark GPU, as well as making necessary adjustments based on the AI training speed that corresponds to different GPU and other configurations)

1. Mid-size AI Mining Station $6,000 - $15,000

· 2, 4 GPUs

· Over 44 TFLOPs; 128GB DDR4, 4TB SSD, 1600W, on-demand offline storage


2. Large-size AI Mining Workstation $13,000 - $33,000

· 4, 8 GPUs

· Over 88 TFLOPS; 192GB DDR4, 16TB SSD, 3200W, on-demand offline storage

· Professional hosting recommended for cooling & noise reduction


3. Super-size AI Mining Super Cluster; Price Per Customization

· 16, 32, 64, 128 GPUs

· Custom designed on stackable nodes (8 GPUs per node)

· Requires to be placed in a professional data center with cooling system



III. Estimations for cost and profit 

DeepBrain Chain will select benchmark GPU to level the AI training speed, mining rewards of other GPU and hardware configuration will be adjusted based on AI training speed difference.


Example: AI Mining Workstation with 8 mid-range benchmark GPUs, $27,500 USD

A. Costs

Hardware with 8 GPUs              $27,500

Facilities (Ship, setup, host)      $2,000

Total Fix Cost                            $29,500

Total Fix Cost per GPU             $3,688

Daily Power Consumption         74.4 KW

Electric Metering                        $0.12

Daily Power Cost                       $8.93

Daily Power Cost per GPU        $1.12


B. Earnings

DBC Current Price                     $0.11

Annual DBC mining supply        350 mil

Initial DBC Mining GPUs            2500

Daily DBC mined per GPU         384

Daily Gross Income                    $42.19

Trust Fee (15%)                         $6.33

Daily Power Cost per GPU         $1.12

Daily Net Income                        $34.75


The cost and return ratio:

Fixed costs: $3,688 / daily earnings: $34.75 ≈ 106 days


There are multiple streams of revenue for DBC AI Mining Workstations:

1. Mining revenue (see above). Based on the currency of $0.11 USD, the total number of 2500 GPUs in the entire network can recover the cost of a mining workstation within 106 days on average; after breakeven, the workstation can continue to be used for mining for additional revenues.

2. DBC appreciation. The miners can earn more profits through the development of DeepBrain Chain’s ecosystem and the rising of token prices.

3. Complete AI training tasks (deep learning, machine learning etc.) published by other users on DeepBrain Chain network and earn additional DBC tokens and profits.

4. DeepBrain Chain’s AI Mining Workstation is a full-featured AI server with quality GPUs that have great second-hand selling value.


IV. First batch of product pre-orders

Starting May 15, 2018, the official product website will accept pre-orders on the first batch of DeepBrain Chain AI Global Mining Workstations -  200 units total.

1. Date: May 15 - 25, 2018.

2. How to pre-order: Register and follow the instructions on the official product website.

3. Pre-order requirements:

A. To reserve a mid-size AI Mining Workstation you must have 50,000 DBCs or more, and ranked top 600 in total DBC possess;

B. To reserve a full-size AI Mining Workstation you must have 100,000 DBCs or more, and ranked top 200 in total DBC possess;

C. To reserve a super-size AI Mining Workstation you must have 200,000 DBCs or more, and ranked top 50 in total DBC possess.

4. Pre-order steps:

A. Register on the official product website;

B. Follow the instructions, deposit and lock the corresponding DBC;

C. After you’ve ordered successfully, please wait for follow-up notice.


V. First batch of the official workstation auction

1. Start date: tentatively scheduled for the end of May

2. Auction location: AI Mining Workstations’ official website

3. How to auction:

A. Anyone who has pre-ordered online successfully will be eligible to participate;

B. DeepBrain Chain official website, as well as domestic and foreign media channels will publish all auction-related news;

C. The 30-min long auction will take place sometime in May;

D. The total price of a specific mining workstation is anchored in US dollars (or RMB). Users who are eligible to participate will be guessing on the amount of DBCs needed to purchase a workstation within a 25-minute timeframe (since the price of DBC fluctuates, the number of DBCs required to purchase a workstation will change accordingly);

E. There is no limit on the number of guesses, but the result will only be based on the last round;

F. The auction will be closed 5 minutes in advance;

G. The top 200 people with the closest guesses will be eligible to purchase the AI Mining Workstations.

4. Number of auctions

Due to the varieties of our workstations, it can be divided into multiple auctions to allow different users to participate.


VI. AI Mining Workstations purchase methods, logistics and after-sale services

1. How to purchase

A. AI Mining Workstations are priced in U.S. dollars, buyers will pay in DBC equivalent on the official website.

B. Standard users can use the group purchase method to raise capital to purchase the workstation. The workstation will not be delivered to the user. A DeepBrain Chain agent will be used for operation and maintenance, and the mining proceeds will then be distributed to the buyer (a small amount of custody fees will apply).

C. DeepBrain Chain will establish multiple mines around the world. Buyers can keep their workstation in their own data center, or have DeepBrain Chain hosts it for you (a small amount of hosting fees will apply).

2. Logistics

DeepBrain Chain will work with professional logistic companies to ensure that products are delivered safely and quickly to the buyers.

3. After-sale

DeepBrain Chain will colaborate with professional service providers around the world to provide high-quality after-sale services for all the buyers.

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