Andrus Ansip Said, Blockchain Is Now Moving Out of the Lab and Going Mainstream.

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Cointime (April 11) — On April 9th, 2018 in Brussel, EU Commission held a meeting that brought ministers, representatives of EU countries, Industry, academia, and civil society together. 


This digital day of 2018 encouraged cooperation in artificial intelligence, the blockchain, eHealth, and Innovations. 

Andrus Ansip spoke at the event’s opening. He highlighted blockchain technology and encouraged EU countries to invest in blockchain distributed ledgers development. Ansip believed blockchain is one of the European leading innovative technology. 

Ansip added, 

“[Blockchain is] now moving out of the lab and going mainstream. As with [artificial intelligence]: we should make the most of this new opportunity to innovate.” 

The EU had been discussing and development of blockchain technology. 

Just February this year, the European Commission and ConsenSys launched the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum. The commission and the Ethereum start-up company planned to invest 300 million euros ($371 million) in blockchain projects. 

Furthermore, the EU also announced it would launch a European Blockchain Partnership project. Hopefully, the project would promote the interoperable infrastructures and would enhance trusted digital services. 

Ansip concluded, 

“The Digital Single Market creates the right conditions and infrastructure for a functional digital Europe. But none of this comes for free.” 

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