Thailand Hopes to Collaborate with China’s Blockchain Industry.

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Cointime (April 10) — According to an April 8th report from China Council For The Promotion of International Trade, Thailand hoped to collaborate with China’s blockchain industry.


The report revealed key figures of the Thai government have met with Chen Lei, the CEO of Thunder. The key figures who met with the CEO of this Chinese Blockchain Company include the Deputy Minister of the Thai Ministry of Digital Economy, the chairman of the Stock Exchange, Assistant Governor of Payment System Policy and Financial Technology, and the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Thailand.

Siritida Panomwon Na Ayudhya, the Assistant Governor of Payment System Policy and Financial Technology, is hoping Thunder would collaborate with the Thai government. According to other sources, Thunder reached an agreement with the state-owned telecom operator CAT. And they are already working on blockchain and sharing computing.

Thailand is one of the countries that fully embrace blockchain technology. In the past two years, Thailand made a series of decision that boosted the development of blockchain technology.

The deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Somkid Jatusripitak, encouraged Thailand’s national stock exchange program to launched a blockchain-based market and used this as a tool to finance startups.

Later, the Bank of Thailand also announced that 14 Thai Banks, including Pangu Bank and Bank of Thailand, jointly launched the Thailand blockchain community plan. The community planned to use a blockchain sharing platform based on Linux Foundation's ultrabook structure to issue bank guarantees.  

Although Thailand focused on importing blockchain technology, they began collaborating with tech companies in the past two years. Since 49 of the top 100 blockchain company are Chinese, they focused on partnering with Chinese Blockchain companies.

The collaboration project between Thunder and CAT is in the category of DigitalToken. Thunder’s vision coincided with the requirement of the Thai government. In the long run, this collaboration will be the first of many.

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