JingDong Released White Paper on Incorporating Blockchain Technology Practice

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Recently Google, Microsoft, IBM, Tencent, Huawei, and Jingdong have all been actively researching blockchain technology. Compared with other blockchain startups, these traditional industry giants have the advantage of a ready and functional platform. 


Yesterday, JingDong published a whitepaper on the practice of blockchain technology. Jingdong Group Vice president, head of Data and Product development said,

 “JD.com could really benefit from blockchain technology. Especially in movable property assessment, transaction clearing, second-hand trading, product consistency, qualification record, supply chain, traceability, charity, contract security, electronic invoices, and open APIs.”

Jd.com's whitepaper began with explaining what the blockchain advantages are. Then the whitepaper was divided into five major sections such as supply chain, financial government-level public service, and other fields.

 There are several aspects in the whitepaper that can benefit the JD.com users. The whitepaper discussed the blockchain applications in anti-counterfeiting and traceability. Furthermore, the whitepaper suggested increasing the credibility of a global transaction with third-party merchants through blockchain. Once JingDong implemented blockchain technology, Jingdong's product information, consumer information, and aftersales records cannot be tamper. 

The whitepaper then discussed the Jingdong blockchain architecture system, including design principles, models, account protocols, services platform, and the features of the Jingdong blockchain.

 What Jingdong suggested in their whitepaper have been used before, so turning it into reality is very near in the future. 

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