Nebula AI: A Fusion of AI and Blockchain

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Cointime (February 28) Two years ago, Accenture predicted artificial intelligence (AI) could double annual economic growth rates by 2035 by changing the nature of work and spawning a new relationship between man and machine.


Running along with this revolutionary idea is Nebula AI. Locates in Montreal Canada, Nebula AI (not to be confused with Nebula, the blockchain search engine) is currently taking on multiple projects involved with decentralized AI blockchain.  

The company’s current direction is where its AI and Blockchain ambition takes it. One of the projects is the NBAI Platform. It is a decentralized application store platform.

Nebula AI is also building a price prediction software called NBAI Quant Trading. The company re-uses the Metamask extension to make it easier for users to operate, which the accuracy is about 55%.So far, the company only released ETH to USD. But it plans to release more pairing in the future.  

Despite these,  the company is good at combining AI technology with blockchian. For example, its new sentiment analysis technology. Traditionally, sentiment analysis is the process of computationally identifying whether the writer's attitude is positive, negative or neutral in a piece of text.  Nebula AI’s main improvement is the speed of the training.

Nebula AI’s co-founder, Charles Cao said:

“The most different part is the speed of the training, you get almost unlimited cost-effective calculation resource, which is enabled our training to be nearly real-time. This enables the sentiment analysis working in more scenario like smart home control by your mode etc.”

Nebula AI concluded their ICO private sale but has not begun their public sale. Many questioned their motive for keeping 25% of their ICO instead of 10-15% like most companies.

Cao explained the 25% would be given to research and educational projects like Gene/Protein calculation with no charge.


At its core, Nebula AI aims to reduce the energy cost and push society to AI world. Looking past the array of projects, Nebula AI wants to make the name Nebula their own.

Charles Cao said hopefully,

“The name of our company is an annoying issue in the beginning since we do notice that Nebula (the search engine) existed, but however I believe people will remember you because what you did, not just because what you are called.”

    Adapted from: CoinTime Executive editor: Angel
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