AICHAIN’s First Modular Virtual Robot Will Change the Current Live Stream Model.

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Cointime (January 30) — AICHAIN announced they are partnering with AICHAIN will connect data resource, develop applications, and build virtual robots. Their collaboration will allow to implement the new model of blockchain and social.


As Artificial Intelligence advances, virtual robots idea is becoming more common in many industries.


Most of the virtual robots are bundled. That limits the robot's reactions to what the developers set. The data storage and functionality made the virtual robot appear cold and very distinctive from humans.



Innovative modular virtual robots. Changing the livestream model.


Since the beginning, AICHAIN’s strategy was storing executable data and resource data outside of blockchain. And place the detailed description and label of executable data and resource data in the blockchain. This way, the users have more freedom to use big data and complicated application.


AICHAIN built a modular virtual robot to resolved the bundle limitation. This provides a data area for the users. The data area could achieve Key: Value form of key data. At the same time, it allows the third party (users) to customize the system based on habits. For example, it can be adjusted to according to performer’s expression, action, language to generate matching AI virtual audience robots. This robot could liven the atmosphere during the live broadcast. Its cold start will play a big role.


Furthermore, AICHAIN allows developers to publish service interface descriptions.  It allows data producers to store key information of data resources and data verification information to the blockchain. Under the agreed interface rules, users can select functional services and data on AICHAIN and assemble the complete AI application by themselves.That step allows users to have access to the information. have about 30 million users, 1.5 million monthly active users and more than 1 billion language information data. AICHAIN can create a dedicated data for them with’s functional requirement in mind. AICHAIN will also create an’s learning and training system for their virtual robot.


Through this, could combine with AICHAIN database and learning system. It could also complete a virtual robot based on the needs and characteristics of the broadcast. At the same time, create their own data and dock it on AICHAIN’s application service interface. Thus, further assemble their own personalized AI application.


AICHAIN modular virtual robot gives a step ahead. has been plagued by problems such as, few live broadcasts, uneven distribution, cool responses and the demand for anchor and user experience upgrade. AICHAIN modular virtual robot can solve all their problems.


  1. The robot is easy to use, control, and it feels closer. AICHAIN’s virtual robot could use the learning system and personalize combination to feel more “human”.

  2. The virtual robot also provides more efficient development. To, AICHAIN already created a learning system. just need to update the content of the database to develop their robot.

  3. More accurate recognition rate. AICHAIN made sure the robot has a 97% accuracy to identify the anchor’s voice and tone. Voice and words recognition errors are now as low as 2.7%.


In addition, the robot AICHAIN developed could not only change the way Livestream operates, it could also fill in for anchor’s vacancy.  It can help the broadcast industry to establish a virtual robot service.


Finally, to improve user experience, AICHAIN’s official website starting from January 30th, 2018 will be But is still available. 

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